Magic Rituals for Finding Lost Property

Throughout our daily routine we're constantly utilizing various objects and often misplace them. It's common to have your keys in your hand one moment and in the next have absolutely no idea where they went. Or to think you left your phone on the nightstand and later not finding it there.

When this happens we can either start searching frantically or ask our home spirit for help. It may seem unbelievable or even like a joke but the inhabitants of every home are protected and watched over by a special energy.

It is invisible to the eye but can be sensed as a strong smell, warmth or even an icy chill. These changes in the atmosphere of your home indicate the presence of your home spirit.

Whenever you misplace something, simply seek its aid: put small cookies on the table and a glass of water or milk. Say this out loud: Spirit, help me find the remote control (example) to my TV!

Then leave the room and find solitude in another room. You'll soon realize where the object you're looking for is or you'll run into it by complete chance.


If you have a dog or cat, you may also seek the aid of your pet. Give it a little food, then whisper this in its ear: Show me where my wristwatch (or other item of interest) is! Then look at the direction the animal goes off to. Somewhere there you'll find the item you're searching for.

And another thing! In order for these 2 rituals to have an effect, you need to really believe in their power. If you're skeptical or perform them as a joke, don't expect real results. You need to be completely calm and confident in what you're doing in order for it to work.

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