Peer into the Future! Your Weekly Horoscope Until April 22


The beginning of the week may turn out to be unpleasant for those zodiac signs who trust easily and have excessively high expectations toward others. These same individuals need to keep in mind that during this period certain persons will have a tendency for duplicity and aren't going to be completely sincere.

We're not talking about dangerous or malicious actions but there is definitely going to be drama. As such, carefully consider every bit of communication and avoid conversations that are overly personal in nature.

During the 1st half of the week you're advised to work on self and home improvement. The period is suitable for eliminating annoying weaknesses of yours, obtaining higher qualifications and expanding your abilities. During the 2nd half of the week you need to be stricter with yourself.

There are going to be way too many temptations and it'll be difficult for you to finish all of the beneficial tasks you've started earlier. Grit your teeth and try to resist the bait. What's important is that you work well on yourself.

Aries - The time for change is coming

Over the next few days your impetus will increase. The subjects you're interested in are going to seem more and more attractive. At the same time it's worth focusing more on your appearance as well. The period is ideal for refreshing your wardrobe and hairstyle. Exercise more as well. You owe it to your body.

Taurus - Tons of work ahead

This week you'll need to busy yourself with important tasks that you've kept postponing. These tasks won't be pleasant but will help you improve your financial situation and obtain possessions you have dire need of. It's also a timely moment to establish yourself at the workplace and get ahead in your career.

Gemini - A timely period for collective activities

In the coming days, teamwork will bring you the most satisfaction and best results. Don't hesitate to participate in joint activities and to show your potential. Your opinion and skills are going to be highly appreciated. Take caution when communicating with strangers on Friday and Saturday. Avoid revealing your plans and don't rush when making important decisions.

Cancer - Expand your circle of friends

This week your charisma and social skills are going to be in an upsurge. This is going to help you communicate more smoothly with those around you and attract their sympathies. The time is opportune for expanding your circle of friends, as well as for new career achievements. So be ready for action and take advantage of the generosity of the Universe.

Leo - New horizons open up before you

New opportunities, both in the spiritual and social aspect, are going to open up before you from the beginning of the week. Some of you are going to receive valuable lessons that are going to change your viewpoint entirely and make you see the world in a different way altogether. Others are going to receive the opportunity to start a new work-related or romantic partnership.

Virgo - You're turning a new page

The week is off to a slightly extreme start for you. Unexpected events are going to make you change your viewpoint, as well as your image, completely. You're going to feel a strong influx of new energy that's going to push you in a different direction. Until the end of the period you're going to differ substantially from the inner self you've been so far.

Libra - Be more initiative

This week the Universe is going to grant you amazing opportunities both in your professional and personal life. But still you shouldn't sit idle. You yourself need to show greater initiative to finish things. If you would still rather be an observer only you're going to miss valuable opportunities for success.

Scorpio - Focus on your personal life

Don't swamp yourself with work tasks this week. Your personal life is beginning to suffer due to your overly high professional ambitions. It's time to compensate and focus a bit more on your partner and loved ones. If you're still looking for love, now is the time for dating and flirting.

Sagittarius - A new stage of your life begins

A new stage of your life begins this week. It's likely you'll find yourself flying on the wings of a new love, a truly impressive one at that. Of course, passion isn't going to be the leading topic for all Sagittarii. Some are going to find a new hobby, while others are going to travel or realize interesting creative plans. In any case, the experiences in the coming few days are going to make them feel as if reborn.

Capricorn - Devote yourself to family affairs and home comfort

Over the next week, boldly plan the home-related tasks that need to get done. The moment is timely for renovation, cleaning, moving to a new home, changing out your furniture and other similar issues related to comfort. It's also possible that your family gains a new member - a baby or pet.

Aquarius - Your interests and circle of friends change

This week you're going to realize that your old interests in the past few months have given ground to different passions. Your spiritual growth has altered your way of thinking and now your past interests seem naive and dull. It is this change in your views that's going to drive you to look for a new circle of friends and distance yourself from your old one.

Pisces - Find a new source of income

Pisces, as summer approaches, your desire for travel and fun grows. Unfortunately, your current financial abilities don't allow for travel or a costly beach vacation. As such, the stars recommend you get out of your comfort zone and seek out a better-paying job.

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