Everything is Predetermined! See What Kind of Mission your Cat has Come to Accomplish

Cat and Woman

Cats aren't exactly known for being man's best friend. Unlike dogs, who are renowned for their loyalty toward their master, felines are quite capricious, spoiled, unpredictable and even mysterious. They do whatever they want and don't care in the least about their owner's rules and imposed limits.

Although cats are difficult to tame, don't think that their emergence in your life is completely random. These magical creatures have been sent to us by a higher intelligence to fulfill a specific mission.

Their arrival in our lives was predetermined and according to astrology, the month when we saw them for the first time determines the nature of their mission.

If you too would like to find out why exactly your cat entered your life, read on below to discover your cat's mission based on the month of the year they came into it.


Cat Hug

Your cat has entered your life to serve as an example of courage and relentlessness. You need more energy and confidence in the professional aspect, as well as in your personal life. The appearance of the animal could be a sign that you have to urgently find a partner because your loneliness is starting to have adverse effects.


You have immediate need of new emotions, a revival of the energy around you, love, gentleness and laughter. Your cat has come to you to give you all that. With its inimitable temperament it will never cease to amaze you and add diversity to your daily life. Still, to obtain the aforementioned experiences, don't rely solely on the animal. Think about how to improve your contact with others as well.


Felines that have entered the lives of their owners during the month of March come bearing a very important message. It's likely you've recently lost someone especially close to you and are still trying to cope with their absence. Your cat is cuddling in your lap to provide you comfort and warmth. It seeks to fill the emptiness in your soul that's preventing you from being truly happy.


Your cat is probably quite playful, lively and curious. It's always knocking things down, crawling into strange places and making escape attempts. Its behavior may seem particularly irritating to you but there's a reason for it. Your cat senses that you have desperate need of exercise and through its actions it's trying to get you off the couch and moving.



Your cat is in your life to shield you from negative energy and charge you with positive emotions. It's there to make your personal space more peaceful, pleasant and secure. Aside from being your confidant, it's also a healer of all emotional and physical pain.


A cat appearing at the beginning of summer comes to its human counterpart to make him see reason. Its presence will lead him to make more appropriate decisions and deliver him from unhealthy relationships. If you notice that your cat is hostile toward certain individuals around you, chances are that they are the ones you need to leave behind in your past.


You're the type of person who is overly concerned with the opinions of others and finds it difficult to get over verbal battles. Your cat has entered your life in order to free you of the pressure and make you forget about all the bad moments. It is going to make you stronger, while at the same time improving your communication skills and helping you enjoy more fulfilling relationships.


Your cat has come to your life to make you spend more time at home and think about the comfort of your personal space. It's going to help you focus on the truly important things around you and protect you from the senseless investments you often make. Among its other missions is for it to bring you closer to your relatives.

Cat Petting


If a cat starts wandering around you in September, be sure that something in your life has need of drastic change. This could pertain to your body or the space you inhabit. Your cat-guardian has come to tell you that it's about time you quit your bad habits and started thinking more about your health and happiness.


If your cat appeared in October, this indicates that you have many enemies, many who would slander your name and who are envious of you. The animal has come to your life to protect you from all of this negative energy. Its presence will also shield your properties against encroachment.


A cat that's entered your life in November likely acts nervous while it's inside your home and is always seeking a way outside as fast as possible. Its behavior shows that there's an unpleasant energy swirling around you. You likely have enemies or others who aren't too happy about your successes. In that case you're best off performing a ritual to cleanse the negative energy from your home and reconsidering your circle of friends.


If you begin to actively communicate with a cat at the start of winter, the furry creature has come to warn you that you have need of more social contacts. You talk only to certain people and experience difficulties in communication. You often fall into depressive states and have a pessimistic outlook. It's time to look at life from its more positive side and to be more friendly toward others. Communication with your fluffy new friend is the first step toward becoming more social.


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