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Who has made the Crystal Skulls?

Crystal Skull

One of the major global phenomena that still remain unsolved, is the origin of crystal skulls. Who created them and what they served? These are still the questions that remain unanswered.

So far 13 skulls have been found which are kept in museums and private collections. However according to some estimates there are more than 20. They are replicas of human skulls found in Central America and Tibet. The rock crystal from which they were made, is difficult to process. Topaz, corundum and diamond is what the rock crystal is made up of. It is very difficult to process some of these minerals, if torn down.

The most beautiful crystal skull was found in the year of 1927 in Central America. It was many years in the home of Hedzhis-Ann Mitchell, the adoptive daughter of an archeologist. In excavations in Lubaantum, the city in which the Mayans lived, the girl dug up a wonderful gift for her 17th birthday.

Apart from the skull that was found so was its lower jaw, which can be fitted with articulated bolts which is also made of rock crystal. To this day, the skull of Lubaantum has not changed.

Scientists have studied the multiple findings.

When you turn the skull with the "face" to the flames of fire, it's eye holes sinister light. This is due to the extreme precision with which it is made. The crystal is cut so that under certain conditions, it can receive optical effects. In the occipital region it has a lens that collects light and directs it to the eye holes.

The crystal is treated so that it has no trace of a tool. According to calculations of scientists to make such a perfect piece of crystal skull, that meets all the anatomical details, seven million hours of continuous working is required. Which equals 800 years of nonstop work.

And if the skull is processed 12 hours a day, it would drag on performance targets of 1, 600 years. Only polishing the surface would go to 300 years.

After communicating with the crystal skull, many people complained of nightmares, terrible visions, receiving headaches and even lapsing into a trance.



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