Several Simple Tricks for Making our Wishes Reality

Making Dreams Come True

Esoterics, mystics and those who have devoted themselves to studying the vibrations of the Universe say that the majority of people are making a mistake when they simply wish for something, wait for it to happen and then wonder why it doesn't.

In her book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne claims that we create reality around us with our thoughts and therefore, our dreams and fears in the present shape our future.

As such, we have to view our actions and thoughts as wishes aimed at our own future.

Naturally, it's impossible to control every single thought and emotion we have, plus we shouldn't anyway because fate is a wheel that brings us both good things to enjoy, as well as lessons that our soul has come to learn.


But when you really want something to happen to you, take a look at the techniques below that will guarantee your dream coming true.

1. Don't use the words "I want"

The words "I want" and "not going to" have the same vibration. Therefore, every time you begin a wish with the words "I want" you're actually saying that it's never going to happen. When you're writing down your wishes, substitute "I want" with "I have".

2. Write down your wishes in the present tense

Whenever you're visualizing or writing down your wishes, do so pretending that they've already come true. This also enhances the energy you're sending your wishes. If writing them down in the future tense, the process of their realization will never end.

3. Set a time frame for realizing your wish


Set a specific time period, such as month, year or season in which you expect your wish to come true. An unspecified time works against you because you're once again placing your wish in the process of development and if there's no deadline, it will never actually come to pass.

4. Don't use "not" in your wish

By using the word "not" when wishing for something, you yourself are preventing its actualization. Therefore, avoid it and word your wish in a different way.

5. Don't get obsessed

After you've wished for whatever it is you desire, try to forget about the fact and put your faith in the Universe. By insistently seeking it every day, you're showing that you don't believe in your own wish and it will never become realized.


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