The Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient World

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2. Matshishkapeu - God of farts

According to traditional Innu beliefs, the spirits have ways of communicating with the living. Some speak through drums, others come to us in our dreams. One of these spirits, Matshishkapeu, speaks through farts. The deity communicated quite often, especially with the men when they were alone - when there were no women around. Innu men believed that every time gas was passed, Matshishkapeu was relaying an important message. The sudden passing of gas required immediate translation, which was why the Innu sought the village shaman to find out what the deity was trying to tell them.

Ancient religions contain numerous gods and deities. The world was an unexplored and frightful place. As such, humans had deities for just about everything to worship. When they witnessed terrifying thunder in the sky, the ancients began to kneel before the god of thunder.

But this practice was not limited to powerful natural phenomena, which could change life with their fury. Over time, people began to worship deities that reigned over even the little things in everyday life.

Certain religions developed to the point where their followers had to memorize literally hundreds of deities. Some of these were beyond ridiculous and even hilarious. Read on to find out more.

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