Spirit of Queen Anne in the London Tower Castle

Tower of London

Along the banks of the Thames River is the London Tower castle towers. It was built by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century as a defensive fortress. To XVII century it held the official residence of British kings, and then was turned into a prison. Today the Tower is an attraction for tourists and haunting's are apparent along with the inhabitants of the crows. These black birds have so much engrossed the British, that among them they belief that if the crows go away, then England will fall.

However returning to the ghosts. The most famous of them is Queen Anne Boleyn. She was the second wife of King Henry VIII. During his life the prince concluded a total of 6 marriages. All the women he had he quickly had enough of and so it happened with Ann. Henry wondered how to get out of his marriage and so, accused Anne of matrimonial infidelity and incest. The queen was condemned to death and beheaded and buried in the Tower.

Before being taken into the afterlife, Anne uttered a prophetic phrase: "The King first made me a maid, then marquis, then queen. Now I will make a Martyr".

And so it happened. On the eve of the queen's death, her spirit appears in the Tower. According to eyewitnesses, she shines through the white light as a headless ghost wandering, however she takes in her right arm to where in fact the head was placed during the funeral of Anne J.

Sometimes the apparition appears in a boat floating on the Thames.

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