Character According to the Season you Were Born in


The season a person is born in has an influence on their personality later in life, assert Hungarian experts. More than 400 persons were studied, with individuals born in all 4 seasons. They were of different ages. One of the leading researchers was professor Xenia Gonda.

Gonda explains that the seasons have an effect on the neurotransmitters that control our daily lives - serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and dopamine (the hormone of joy). This is also the reason why scientists are convinced that the seasons have an effect on our personality. At this stage, scientists have found the following tendencies:

- Spring - for those born during the spring season, it can be said that they are extremely positive. These people rarely fall into depressive states and are very positive and extroverted. It turns out that individuals born in the spring are always highly enthusiastic, they often possess an artistic talent and easily express their ideas. At the same time, they are workaholics too. Persons born during the spring see the positive side of life and look for it in every situation.

- Summer - those born in the summer months are quite temperamental, are usually sensitive as well. They can change their mood in just a few seconds and tend to often fall into states of anxiety. Whenever they love someone, they usually dedicate themselves completely to the other person. These individuals have a supreme intellect and defend their positions, they can be conflicting at times.

- Fall - for most people, this season is related mostly to depression due to the passed summer and the memories we've made. But fall is much more than that and those born in this season rarely give in to depressive states. According to professor Gonda's team, these are creative individuals and are usually quite physically active.


- Winter - persons born in the coldest season of the year have been described by scientists as patient and generally difficult to agitate. These people are led by their reason more often than their emotions and perhaps that is why they may not always be completely loyal and dedicated to their partner. Those born in wintertime are usually goal-oriented and pursue what they desire until they reach it.

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