Laugh, so I Can Tell you What you're Like


Laughter is good for your health, it is a sign of a lively spirit and good mood. It also turns out that you can find a great deal about someone's personality based on their laughter.

If you still do not recognize some of the character traits of your partner, take a close look at the way they laugh, for it can give you the answers to many questions.

If your beloved prefers to restrain their laughter more often, this means they are even-tempered, calm and dependable. You can always count on them being loyal to you, but sometimes the feeling of boredom will catch up to you.

For most ladies, the man of their dreams is one that laughs loudly, without any worries to interfere with his pleasure and happiness.

Usually, such men tilt their head back and narrow their eyes slightly. If you have such a partner, you can be sure that you will have a fun and nice time with them, but not for long - you cannot count on him long-term.


A man who laughs with a widely open mouth is always the center of attention in the group. He is that fun type, who everyone recognizes as the joker, merrymaker, the soul of the company.

Usually, such representatives of the stronger sex are sharp-minded, but on a primitive level. In other words - they won't become an intellectual or philosopher.

If your partner does not express their happiness naturally, and instead chuckles slightly, narrowing one end of their mouth, this means that he is temperamental, often harsh. Such men easily get women's attention and take over their consciousness with their pseudo-mysterious aura, but they tend to be cruel and are huge liars.

Any woman can be happy with a partner who has a more active left side of their mouth when they laugh. These male representatives have good intentions and a sense of humor.

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