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The Mystery of the Virgin Mothers


Statistics show that 1 out of every 200 young women in the US claims that her pregnancy is inexplicable, since she is still a virgin.

This has puzzled reproductive problem researchers and has given mystery lovers something to think about. A multi-year study of the sexual health of the young Americans is attempting to explain this phenomenon.

Almost 8000 women took part in the study which continued for over 10 years. 5% of the pregnant women who participated in the study are positive that they have never had intercourse.

Not a single one of them had been subjected to an in vitro procedure to conceive, which would've explained their pregnancy despite their virginity. Every single one of the young pregnant women that claim to have conceived while still a virgin argue the fact that they do not have intimate relations with men at all.


The women that participated in the multi-year study periodically answered the questions of investigators in order to fully track their life in the study period.

Most of the women, who claim to have gotten pregnant while still virgins, have taken a vow of chastity. They were mainly children of conservative Christians, according to which sex is allowed only after marriage.

The average age that the women gave birth at was 19. Those women who did not convince others that they were virgins at conception gave birth at 22.

Prof. Amy Herring from the University of North Carolina, a biostatistics expert, thinks that the young women who claim to be virgin mothers truly believe this.

She explains that besides the virgin mothers in the US, there are also young men who claim to have kids, even though they are still virgins.

According to her, this is completely inexplicable from a biological standpoint, but the virgin mothers and fathers continue to categorically deny ever having a love life and sexual intercourse, which would lead to the mysterious conception.



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28.12.2014 14:56
All these people are faking they are truly know the true that's all.