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Do not throw sheared hair

Do not throw sheared hair

There are many different definitions of the word spells. The most common however is that this is science and art of causing change in consciousness in accordance with the will.

According to another, magic is a skill to create the desired effects and to monitor events through actions, rituals and ceremonies affecting the natural and supernatural powers.

Do not throw sheared hair

And while the so called white magic aims to improve human life, black magic has the opposite goals.

Here are a few tricks that you can do to protect yourself from curses.

- Never throw away you cut hair, cut nails or lost tooth, where you fall. They can be used by your enemy in black magic.

- It is better to distribute your photos, nor leave them in an easily accessible place for everyone.

Also you must be careful when giving your documents with a photograph. On them may also be affected negatively.

- Do not accept gifts without them "redeeming" even in a symbolic manner.

- If you are in the house and strange things occur, inspect all doors, windows, frames and trinkets. Find something to discard it, then do basic cleaning at home.



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