How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand


Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand. The outer side of your hand (posterior) can accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Besides providing all the necessary information about your character, analysis based on the shape of your hand can also give you advice, with which to get rid of your bad habits.

Look carefully at the 4 main types of hands and find yours, to see what fate has given you and what you must do to find your true calling.

Interpretation of the first shape

Hands of the first shape are characterized by square palms and short fingers. Those who have these types of hand are extremely pragmatic and rarely pursue anything which they don't believe they can achieve. Loyalty and sociability stand out in their character, which they use as common ground with all kinds of people.


People with these types of hands support family traditions and carry out different rituals, inherited from past generations, with pleasure. These people firmly believe that they themselves determine their fate and rarely wait upon someone else's help or sign, to solve their problems. Palmists advise these people not to have overly high expectations from others and to allow themselves to be spontaneous from time to time.

Interpretation of the second shape

Those with the second type of hand shape have a square palm and long fingers. It is characteristic of them to do everything with incredible grace and ease. These sorts of people are highly impulsive and emotional, loving to highlight each of their words or gestures. People with this hand shape have various interests and are constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, since they feel empty without new ideas and emotions.

They avoid the routine and view cheating as a deadly sin. It is typical of them to become so lost in their own illusions that they lose all link to reality. Palmists recommend these people to seek calm through meditation and spa treatments.

Interpretation of the third shape

Palm reading

The third hand shape is elongated with short fingers. Those who possess these types of hands are terribly nervous due to their excess energy. They are excellent organizers and have the talent of being able to manipulate others with ease. People with this type of hand are interested in everything new and unexplored, which is why they love testing new and different things on themselves.

Usually they are positive and work well in a team. Palmists advise that they rest more, in order not to overload their nervous system.

Interpretation of the fourth shape

The fourth type of hand is elongated with long fingers. Characteristic of them are constant doubts and contradictions, which torture them. People with these types of hands are highly sensitive and easily succumb to others' influence. Usually, they are artists and can easily capture any given emotion.

People with this hand shape are more interested in the spiritual than the material. Palmists recommend for these types of people not to be slaves to their habits but constantly seek new experiences.

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