The Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape Hybrid

The Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape Hybrid

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The truth about a Russian scientist's experiments have come out in the open. Actually, there have been rumors for decades about Dr. Ilya Ivanov's experiments but only after the Cold War ended did declassified files prove them to be more than just legends. The Soviet scientist had been attempting to create a creature carrying both monkey and human genes, while using shocking methods to accomplish this.

Zoologist Ilya Ivanov was among the most ambitious scientists of his time. At the beginning of his career he tried to crossbreed a deer with a bull, a zebra with a horse, a bison with a bull and all kinds of other animals. Later, as his curiosity grew, he decided to begin experimenting with monkeys and humans.

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In 1927, he traveled to Africa, where he began his tests on chimpanzees. However, his plans to crossbreed them with humans were met with failure, as locals were not particularly approving of his practice.

Seeing that there was no more progress to be made there, he returned to Russia, bringing the orangutan Tarzan with him. Dr. Ivanov still held hope that his orangutan would help him realize his infernal plan.

He even managed to find women who agreed to participate in his experiments with the monkey but shortly before he could carry out his terrifying experiment, Tarzan died. With the changes that came in Soviet society, the zoologist was arrested and exiled to Kazakhstan.

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Despite this, rumors continued that his experiments did not end with his capture. But whether or not this was the case and what they ultimately led to remains a mystery.


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