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Aztecs - Civilization and Culture

Aztec Pyramid

The region of the Aztecs

Most people believe that civilization of the Aztec occurs in the region of modern Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. Historical trace of this ancient nation, however, began in the late 12th century, when Aztec migrated to what is now central Mexico. Today's Mexicans are of mixed Spanish and indigenous, descendants of the so called Mexicans (Aztec), or other indigenous tribes of the empire Aztec and Mesoamerica. Today, Mexico City is located in an area which situated the richest and the main town of Aztec.

Historical evidence suggests that Aztecs were advanced and were a prosperous civilization which built beautiful and elegant cities. There was a time in which they numbered to about 15 million people living in nearly 500 municipalities. Aztecs have been developed culturally, musically, artistically, in crafts and sciences. Music plays an important role in their religious rituals for the plaudit of their innumerable gods. The capital, Tenochtitlan populated about 300, 000 people. In this famous city, government control was present and was liable for penalties, agriculture, and all aspects of the economy.

Aztec Economy

The early economy of Aztec is a kind of barter system, it was of a pre-capitalist society. Small purchases were made with cocoa beans imported from the lowlands.

Strongest empire included a society that consists of four classes:

* Nobles (the largest force)

* Ordinary citizens (the majority of the population, mostly farmers)

* Serfs (farming lands of noblemen)

* Slaves (debtors who can not pay their debt)

Government positions were usually hereditary, but one could be awarded for such exemplary service to the emperor.

Society of Aztec is heavily dependent on agriculture, especially maize, although they some what rely on hunting.

Aztecs - culture and religion

Religion of Aztec is characterized by human sacrifices that were rich in ceremonies to honor the gods. Clothing was of the utmost importance in all aspects of life for the Aztecs. They worshiped hundreds of gods and goddesses, each of them represented a different aspect of life. Design and manufacture of clothing, especially in high society, was an art form in the culture of Aztecs. Woman's clothes were usually crafted, richly decorated with beads, flowers, and precious metals. Gold is often used and was abundant in the empire of Aztecs. In fact, the pursuit of gold is the main reason to travel to Cortez Mexico during 1519.

Chichen Itza

Ceremonies were crucial during the farming season to ensure a good harvest, and in the coronation of kings. During these ceremonies are the norm sacrifice in the name of Gods. Huge temples were built to commemorate the donation of these victims. The Sunny famous stone calendar which was twelve feet in diameter, represents the universe of Aztecs. It is believed that the hearts of human victims were placed on this stone and given to the gods.



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