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Capricorn 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


2013 will be a year of structuring the dreams for Capricorn through interaction and exchange of ideas. You consolidate your views and make them relevant in society. Your intellectual activity is effective. Groups, organizations and friends will bring opportunities for a secure financial future.

Older adults are your loyal friends and protectors that you can count on. The growth of Capricorn is achieved by working with others, even if they become your responsibility or obligation. You are endowed with insight into the environment and notice only the good. You take practical, everyday decisions intuitively, but it always turns out all right. Your mind is focused on compassion and helping others. Learning and emotional contact will help you move forward.

People born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn should engage in yoga, meditation and spiritual practices. The year is very positive in terms of work and relationships with colleagues. Your tolerance will bring diversity to everyday life. You will find the true, right approach and way of working. You strive for realization in front of other people and you shall receive it, if you get rid of your fears.

Capricorns are optimistic both toward the relationship between associates in business, collectives, as well as toward marriage and spouses. But you are afraid to let them in on your dreams and hopes; it is indeed they that will help you to think more optimistically. At the beginning of the year, you are filled with determination and become a noticeable personality. You take action energetically, looking for your own path of safety and security. You become a driving force, you gain authority in your career with calculated risk. Your stamina is focused on future projects. You may take an enjoyable trip.

In late winter, Capricorns are focused creatively. You seek success in your career through training and communication. You find ways to communicate with others, your emotions are not unfamiliar. You may need to help relatives who are experiencing problems or difficulties. Your inner circle will put you on a pedestal because you will find opportunities for new partnerships, arrangements and future projects. In the spring, you become restless, looking for something different in your family. You feel like changing things in your home, there is a desire to remodel, to renew. Actually, you are searching for self-assessment. You need to work on removing old habits, to get rid of emotional reactions.

During the summer, you will seek ways to expand the horizons of your life. Expect major changes in your career. You will have a patron either from abroad, or a spiritual person, with which you will enter into contractual relations. These are good opportunities for achieving your future plans. You set new higher goals through connections beneficial to both sides. You find success in law. Throughout the year you will have financial stability. In the fall you will feel attracted to philosophy, religion and spirituality. There is a chance to find love during travel, which is strong, exciting and will be long remembered. In late autumn disputes with your superiors about financial issues may occur. Do not rush to make changes to your arrangements and partnerships.

In late autumn, old friends will help you. You return to your long-standing plans and you have more freedom to influence the material world. Around you are loyal supporters. You attract security and prestige, you build on them, giving them shape, making you more than you ever were. At the end of the year, you can join groups, organizations and take leadership roles. Business income and profits are structured fairly and that lets you make new plans for future changes where you are the driving force. Do not forget about charity and helping friends.



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