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Leo 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


In the year of the moon and the sign of Sagittarius, expect inner strength, unseen support, the laying of the foundation for your personal self-expression. In the first half of the year, you can see the purpose to which you aspire. You will infuse all of your concentration in the workplace. Your desire to do everything right is felt by others.

Such intense diligence will make you difficult to work with. Relations with colleagues are marred by unspoken feelings, sexual perplexities and drama. Think about the partners you consider friends. Do not make hasty decisions at the beginning of the year. In February, Leo becomes especially receptive to the world.

You are engaged in questions related to business transactions. Here you are required to realistically find out exactly what the agreements are and to seek advice from older persons or professionals relating to anything having to do with inheritance, taxes or financial investments. You feel the hidden emotions in the atmosphere and are open to valuable advice from dreams. This will help you solve all cases related to sharing, if you do not succumb to illusions.

Many representatives of Leo will solve inheritance issues. In the spring, look for new and not so realistic goals. Your plans may be thwarted by disputes with your friends. Many of you may make an abrupt change in your educational course, under the influence of others. Business trips will hardly bring the arrangements you expect.

In the summer, you need to be patient and wise. The guardian angel watching over you for the rest of the year will help you to reach your goals. During this period think well on plans for the future, gather strength and seek truth in solitude. Relax and get ready, be filled with hope, inspiration and optimism.

The months of July-August is the period in which Leos will start to shine. Opportunities and a sense of rescue let you land in the right place. You will get help from others, as well as financial support. Other people's money will work for you. Older people are the mainstay both in business and at home.

Despite the success in this period, you may encounter differences between your position and that of others related to your professional plans. Do not enter into emotional arguments with colleagues. Your financial situation depends on the honesty you offer to others, as well as the realistic structuring of your dreams.

If you follow these conditions you will receive unexpectedly large amounts of money and you will deal with them correctly. Much success is due to those working in institutions - tax professionals, bankers, hospital employees, as well as those dealing in real estate abroad and in restaurants. The second half of 2013 is marked by personal success for Leo. In late autumn, expect to achieve consistency and sustainability through the help of your family and home environment.

You will find your true work place and mission. Do not be afraid of transformation, restructuring, and changes at work. You can successfully structure, or turn a new page, because you have found your strength and identity. In late autumn, expect extraordinary and romantic experiences with a partner. An invitation to travel abroad will bring new love conquests.

In late autumn and early winter, expect to achieve popularity. Overseas travels call to you, you see new perspectives for creative expression. You shine with your originality in partnerships. Work, relationships, and trips abroad are to be successful this year. You are going to a new level, new horizons open, thanks to the patience that you had at the beginning of the year.

You will have support from the invisible world, as long as you are able to turn grief into positive things. You see things more comprehensively and manifest your compassion and mercy to others because true inspiration is within you.



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