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Cancer 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


2013 is full of personal success for Cancers. This is the year of your planet and Moon, so expect a lot of changes and personal perspectives. In the first half of the year you will search for success through knowledge, communication and learning. This quest for information, the accumulation of knowledge and expansion of the mind will help you see big job prospects.

Look for a more complete vision and know that certain forces will rescue you even when things look bleak. You receive support because you have a deep faith in life. In the second half of the year, you will enter a new phase, you will obtain a strong desire for success, especially when it comes to your daily work.

Your personality will be enhanced. You will gain the ability to inspire others and awaken yourself to a new life. Expect release from restrictions. Even at the very beginning of the year, opportunities related to partnerships appear. Connections that are hidden or suppressed come forth.

It's difficult for you to have faith in partnerships and you feel insecure in any connection. Do not fall for sudden proposals for business or financing. Rely on old partners. In this period, only your most trusted individuals will remain by your side. Overcome these circumstances with honor.

The strong feelings of sadness and fear require that you look deeper inside yourself, overcome your weaknesses, for you yourself are your own enemy. In late January, build your dreams, make a plan related to financial matters. Solve all issues related to duties, taxes and fees. During the year, you will have successful trips. In late February - early March, you may take a trip.

It will be a very romantic time with wonderful experiences. Representatives of the Cancer sign are open to philosophies, religions and attract higher causes. But in the pursuit of higher ideas, do not forget your daily duties. For people involved in the arts and higher education, this period may bring international fame.

In the spring, you will feel a need for originality and innovation in your career. Hidden enemies will try to hamper your career by causing you financial trouble. This will lead to tensions in domestic affairs. Support your relatives - parents, children, sweetheart. Older adults will protect you from making errors.

In the summer, you'll stabilize your dreams, you will succeed in learning and acquiring knowledge. After 22.06, you will gain a fresh start, awaken to new interests aimed at further prospects at work. You will be released from constraints, find inner strength, achieve harmony in everyday life, and find expression of your creativity. In late summer and early fall, you are faced with issues for resolving relationship problems; obvious enemies at work may appear. Delays or obstacles in financial contracts can be expected.

Interpersonal relations prevail. Now is the time for representatives of Cancer to help others. You will do well financially and materially. Your personal income is stable and you will not feel a lack of money. However, you have to be more careful in handling other people's money, especially anything related to duties, taxes and licenses.

The year is also good for real estate transactions after June, opportunities for success will also become apparent from August to September 23rd. After that date, and in October, avoid new ventures in real estate, delay any repairs or remodeling. Do not take credit and loans during this period, because you are simply not seeing the pitfalls in these agreements.

Check everything properly, in order to prevent losses. In November, successfully build your dreams in love. Do not rush to pour out your feelings and desires into words. Proceed slowly and methodically. Intuitively, you can find real love. At the end of the year, you will add creativity to your profession. Set aside time for your family, partner and children. You can learn as much from them as children can from you. You will become more confident in yourself.



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