Taurus 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


In the year of the Moon and the sign of Sagittarius, you will deeply honor knowledge. You shall strive to discover new and great prospects. Since 2012, you have entered an important period, reflecting on the methods by which you arrange your life. Now, you are entering a period where you yourself have to utilize your fruitful thoughts, words and practical skills. Wish everyone only the best.

Representatives of Taurus have a wide conscious, which contains more comprehensive structures and perspectives - your intellect stretches. Learning, teaching, traveling and mediation will bring Taurus a good income. Expanding your horizons can be through writing, research and learning foreign languages.

Relatives, siblings and neighbors will play a significant role this year and you shall have a good relationship with them. A joint, successful business is possible if you clearly define your future plans and objectives. You may include friends in these projects. They will support and care for you.

Early in the year, Taureans will come upon an appropriate environment or group that support humanitarian and social causes. Secret societies, charitable organizations and art groups will attract you. Your intuition and imagination are being enhanced, but do not hesitate in your goal and its implementation. You shall see old friends in a new light.

Taureans can expect interesting suggestions from them. In the first half of 2013, you deal with work and the aid you receive from others. You will need patience, good organization and strength to justify their confidence. Autumn may bring about changes at your job or you may have to prove your independence. Do not be spontaneous.

Trust your partners – in business or marriage - they will show you how to deal with contractual relations. In the first months of the year, expect a happy period, accompanied by great success among a team, group, or party. This is due to the efforts put in in the past or from a past job. Welcome life with open arms. Venus is in your sign from 16/04 to 10/05/2013. It is a period in which you love and are loved.

You'll attract others like a magnet. For representatives of the sign seeking new love, autumn will bring new opportunities and pleasures of the sensual side of life. Those who at the beginning of the year have serious emotional connections, have a promising opportunity for successful marriage at the end of the year. Do not be afraid, even if the partner is from overseas.

Expect great activity and advancement in 2013 in the professional world as well. Your ideas and suggestions at work will be supported by colleagues and partners. Your projects are profitable enough, if you can get a group of like-minded people, but also put in personal effort too. These endeavors should always have a solid foundation, a contract in which the smallest details and clauses are well structured.

For those working in institutions and ministries, they will be able to climb in the hierarchy or receive higher pay. For employees in the private sector, it is better to find a form of group work, and clarify their more distant targets and prospects. You may also sign contracts dealing with property, premises or land. Business projects and partnerships will find stability.

Your energy and inspiration create ideas and words that you pass on to others. Your thought process is stimulated and you will often be involved in situations related to teaching. This will lead to partners that offer security and stability. Contractual relations with them are promising. You will find new, lasting relationships that will give you clarity of vision.

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