Read People’s Nature from Parts of Their Face
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Read People’s Nature from Parts of Their Face

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Throughout life, one meets so many people who, in one way or another, bear a resemblance to each other. And although it may sound to some incredibly irrelevan, it turns out facial features show more than we thought.

Different lines of the nose, lips, eyes, even forehead size show very much about the nature of people. In other words, people with the same traits or at least approximately the same and have similar traits of character, but is it true?

Start looking at different forms of noses.

Long Nose - those with long noses, have a very strong assertive personality. A short nose is held by people who are very open and do not worry about much.

A nose, which has a rounded tip inside belongs to someone who is unforgiving and very smart, but very active and capable. A pug nose is believed that immature, rather naive people own it. Wide nose - if you have this form of nose then you have people who do things with more heart and less as a result of intelligence. Narrow nose - speaks about a man who thinks more in their decisions rather than using their feelings.

The eyes are the window to the soul - and there is no doubt. Looking at someone's eyes, you can tell who a person is, and here's what their forms mean:

Форма на очите

Big eyes - someone who has a nobility and is able to handle more complex situations. Small shaped eyes talk of someone who is frugal in their thinking and reasoning and often quite stubborn.

Wide eyes mean a very cheerful nature, at the same time a down to earth person. Circular shape ones mean one who loves to dream, but is a bit lazy on actions.

The size of the forehead also shows a lot. It is believed that people with a high forehead are more curious and those with a low brow have hidden talents.

Lips can help us understand a little more of human nature. Many times we have heard talk about sensual lips - these are mostly solid. They speak of kindness and less sluggishness. Thin lips are owned by people who get angry quite easily, and they're mean.

Форма на устните

If you think that's all the parts of the person that "speak" to us, you are missing one of the most important - the chin. What it shows is the power of will in all of us. A pointed one shows you have strong will and a reasoning head and never heart. If the chin is prominent forward, then you have people whose will can never be broken.

Rounded chins have people who want to achieve things easily, that have a strong demonstrated commitment, but rather in stages. If you have a dimple in your chin - it mostly emits strong compassion, sensitivity and persistence.

Ears can also tell is who and what their owner is. If you have small ears, it means you are an individual who likes to achieve all they undertake, without any fatigue.

Big ears are owned by people with lots of energy that usually have some artistic talent. If your ears are fully commensurate on top, this means that you are a confident and relaxed person.