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Gemini 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


In the year of the moon and under the sign of Sagittarius, this appears to be a very successful year for Gemini. He will fight for his place, personal individuality through active work. Gemini will branch out, perhaps in several directions, seeking broader perspectives. Often you'll reach the avant-garde and new styles of expression.

The first half of 2013 will bring pleasant events, good income and successes for people born under Gemini, thanks to support from close ones. People see your best features, but you should pay tribute to those who support you. Help others. In the second half of the summer, you will get the opportunity to increase your resources, possessions and income.

The opportunities for making money increase, but the same is happening with an increased propensity for extravagant spending. Optimism regarding your financial affairs increases. But you have to be patient, for after all, Jupiter will be in your second home (personal possessions) for more than a year. You will want to understand what security means for you - material abundance and possession of talent.

The period 24.02 - 18.03 is not suitable for starting new projects at work. Immerse yourself in analysis and think deeply about anything career related. You have to feel it as an inspiration. In the search for suitable work, orient yourself toward serving the needs of customers. Look deep within yourself and feel the greater influence that will bring expansion at work and in your personal income later in the year. Maybe this is where the key lies that will open the door that will take you higher. The key word here is service for the benefit of others. With the onset of spring, you will enter a period of about a month where your dreams will come true, but you have to get rid of your doubts and formulate achievable projects and goals.

During the summer, you will probably travel on business, to seek an extension of professional horizons and structuring of business arrangements. Great professional success will come to artists. Those employed in the field of real estate will also do well. Although it will be a very fruitful period, you must be careful with financial investments, especially if taking loans or credit.

Consider the timing especially well, in order not to have subsequent changes. Do not undertake large projects but instead, fund old business contracts and agreements. Do not worry about financial issues, this will only lead to panic or lower vitality. Throughout the entire year, you must alternate between stressful work and well-deserved rest - spas, swimming pools, saunas, lakes and seas are appropriate. Do not get into acute conflicts, especially with colleagues. Maintain neutrality.

In love, many Geminis will find the person they have been looking for at the beginning of the year. That deep, romantic love will relate to work or your business affairs. It is possible for old flames will re-ignite. In autumn, you will also address issues with romance and face the need to clarify the truth in love relationships. You should determine what is important for you and make a decision.

A happy period will be for those who are alone and unbound, as there can be a tension in family life. At the end of the year, expect success in your daily work. Deal with worldly affairs through a coherent organization and administration. Calmly climb up the ladder of your career. You may receive funds from old contracts. Transformation and conversions are on a stable level. You are able to receive a great deal of help from others. Expect a period of professional development. It will be a successful year, of active work, with the appropriate rewards given!



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