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Scorpio 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


The year 2013 will revive the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and you will find will and an urge to express yourself. You become more critical, because you know that you can prove your worth. Your ambitions inspire you to use knowledge to find that which is most significant in the professional world. Set reasonable and realistic goals, give them form, organization and stability. This is achieved thanks to what you have sown earlier and now is time to reap the benefits.

Your position is honorable in all you do. New paths, ideas and projects are carried out during the year. Trips, both over short and long distances contribute to your personal expression. You will look for and reach personal freedom. You are in accordance with the norms, traditions, rituals and thus express yourself more freely.

You radiate harmony and give direction to what you do and create. This love and inspiration brings success in achieving your objectives. Your connection with foreign countries will strengthen. You will boost your creativity. You will alternate work with rest, which will be the correct way of directing your energy. You will be rewarded with an unexpectedly good personal income, especially during the summer.

At the beginning of the year, you think about working as part of a team. You may also show an interest toward the nature of reality or discuss issues that are taboo for others. You influence them with your incisive mind. In the months of February-March, you are on the rise, your imagination and sensual side are strengthened.

Give your love based on what others need. You are in a romantic mindset and achieve creative advancement. The initiated romantic relations during this period will be long remembered and there appears to be some repetition of connections. Money also comes to you without much effort, but you tend to spend money too. When it comes to children, everything is okay, they can show extraordinary abilities.

In the spring, you seek a more free work schedule or greater independence in everyday life. You may be getting too nervous, feeling dissatisfied with the final outcome of a work project. In the late spring, you may have a change in relations with your partner. You have to make a decision related to the material valuables of others.

Do not be so conservative in your views. From the end of spring and summer, opportunities for fulfillment in society come to pass thanks to your spiritual growth and finding of meaning. Jupiter is in its own house and provides an expansion of your personal income. You receive monetary support from others - for some - inheritance, for others - profitable business projects. Success is expected for people working in construction, education, publishing and diplomacy.

Personal income increases for all representative of this sign, regardless of their professional field. You are lively and open, have a solid foundation. You may take a trip abroad that will expand your horizons and beliefs. Do not forget that your partner needs and relies on your help, amidst your intoxication. For them, this is an important period for their future. Show empathy to social groups.

In late summer and early fall, you will achieve your dreams by moving step by step. You will need to limit your spending; most likely you will have such pertaining to your children. Do not enter into secret arrangements at work. Your colleagues are building unrealizable plans and may become your enemies. Look for a balanced relationship.

In late fall and early winter, you will become more focused and self-disciplined. You will find support from those close to you. Old patrons protect you. You will achieve success and financial strength. You can successfully focus on a new direction at work. Your reputation and position in society will improve.



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