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Libra 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


In 2013, Libras will mainly deal with issues related to work, social status, earnings. You will seek the recognition of merit, promotion and rising among the hierarchy. Success comes after hard struggle. Up until the middle of the year, you will look for meaning and wisdom through communication and interaction. You will find the way for expansion.

In the second half of the year, expect the successful implementation of your leadership abilities. You will be climbing the hierarchy, occupying an important position through collaboration with colleagues and help from others. At the beginning of the year, you will be faced with solving family issues, you may need to help your parents financially.

At work, be cautious in your desires for a higher position. In February, unexpected inspiration and creativity awaits. Look for self-expression. You view love as an attractive game and immerse yourself in adventures. An instant, romantic love spark will lead to a sudden decision to live together. For others, there will be the appearance of a child. Think carefully and speak clearly with your partner on this topic, see the different perspectives.

Analyze the errors in your own behavior in solitude, really consider your dreams. In the spring of 2013, you will enjoy a close and enthusiastic rapport with your colleagues. Many will seek refuge and support from you. In work, you utilize your Neptune skills and creative inspiration.

Libras will have to combine these impulses with everyday practicality. You will have serious proposals from superiors at work. You may be confused about which one to take. Listen to the advice of older people while looking for a specific manifestation of your dreams. In early spring, you will want something more sublime and might make sudden changes in partners, but Uranus is not the planet of everyday life.

You are aiming for an enchanting partner, seeking sublime relations, but your desire for independence could undermine the stability and security of your connection. You may even reach a break up due to your own initiative. Travels at this time, even though they might seem promising, will not justify your hopes. You must be careful when signing new agreements.

Conspicuous enemies may appear in new partnerships. You have spiritual patrons, who in May will show you the directions, various possibilities and the practical way to reach them. Ponder and recognize real goals. Do not get caught up in travel. In the summer, your dream will come true and you will achieve high office, honors and money. You attain a level of success thanks to people in high places.

This is not the right time to manifest your emotional power in your family. Or for entering into thoughtless arguments with your partner about the future. You will know, if you wait, that they are behind you. Ask for advice from older people about financial matters or for resolving family and real estate matters. In autumn, begin harmonizing your individuality, take care of yourself, your outer appearance, and your body.

The individuality of Libra will have to emit balance. Avoid spontaneous reactions. You will need to monitor the health of your parents and to support them. Solve these domestic issues with help from friends. In late autumn, expect to stabilize your income. You are able to implement your programs, you acquire stability in business.

Older patrons will appear; family members are the basis for your stabilization. You accumulate energy that you properly distribute, both at home and in society. You restore your credibility to a new level. The power is on your side and the changes are stabilizing. Your future plans will be implemented.



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