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Sagittarius 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


2013 is the sign of Sagittarius and you will find your own path of expansion in the professional world, in business, through the resources of others. Expect insight into what is mysterious and hidden. You see things that are invisible to others. You discover ways to turn a crisis into growth. Rely on your sensitivity and foresee future trends.

You have a lively spirit and strive for partnerships. You will have success related to institutions, funds, inheritances, financial resources of your partner and good business. Other people's money will work for you, provided that the works are planted on a statutory basis. Expansion is achieved by sharing and exchanging what you love with what is dear to others. You explore deep ideas with tact and finesse.

Take on duty and responsibility to help others in difficult situations. Help those who need it, head for charity. Be reluctant to waste money, or to spend irresponsibly for your enjoyment. Make deposits and savings. Listen to the advice of friends. You will become very sensitive to the atmosphere around you and will also strongly influence people through your emotions and feelings.

Periodically, you need rest and withdrawal. Sagittarius representatives will be very happy if they are near the sea. At the beginning of the year, expect strong, passionate feelings related to money and security. You may have the opportunity to receive funding for old projects by state institutions. Your skills and abilities at work will enhance. You have the ability to take something and transform it into something of value.

Friends and protectors are watching over Sagittarius. Financially, you must be flawless when dealing with due dates and taxes. Both in work and at home, things are going well. You may feel the desire to beautify your home. You are perfectly creative in home ventures. In late spring, expect sudden or unexpected romance, or pregnancy.

You will feel restless, you will change your mind often, and strive for unusual things. You will attract people and situations in an unconventional way, but it can all end as quickly as it began. You will be the initiator of these changes. Explore your urges. In early summer, work and concrete results play an important role for you. There may be problems with the objectives at work, avoid arguments with your superiors.

Controversy will lead to a reduction in your earnings. During these months, pay attention to partnerships. You will improve your relationships with partners in business and marriage. Your marriage will improve because you will find the crucial issues for discussion and bring optimism. In late summer, expect to build a new project in business. You make changes as your daily job gains stability. You get help from both public administration and friends.

Your real estate transactions are successful. There are opportunities for financial income and inheritance. You will travel, you will show interest toward spirituality and begin new learning or training. Autumn brings a strong need to express your individuality. You display arbitrariness in things that are too good for you. The period is favorable for the fulfillment of hopes.

You feel a strong urge to travel and experience different, new things. At the end of the year, your confidence and self-esteem increase. Through discipline and positive attitude, you will obtain a clarity of your views. You succeed in investments, insurance, joint finances, as well as creative professions. You become aware of your own power. And, finally, do not forget about those charities.



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