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Pisces 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


The life principle animates all forms and Pisces have the will to live, coupled with a desire to express themselves. The life force is released and it is important for you to turn it into action. You become unusually charismatic, spirituality becomes your passion. But Saturn will give you support based on your own identity.

Saturn will make your approach to life clear and will increase your confidence. The ideals you have been longing for will crystallize and you will become more insightful. Teachers or gurus will come into your life, that will help you plan the future. Perhaps this will happen because of travel or through higher knowledge. You may feel afraid of your own abilities, but Neptune and Jupiter will increase your luck, will provide prosperity and opportunities.

Representatives of the Pisces star sign can expect positive emotions in love. You will open your heart and you are surrounded by people who appreciate your sensitivity. Your life becomes better, with more time for leisure, friends and creative endeavors. You will enjoy a happy coexistence. You solve any issues related to children, with their plans.

You have deep relationships with your children and by understanding them, you grow and expand. You must only shake off your fears about the future. Maintain your self-control. Do not make hasty financial decisions that cause you to take risks with money or speculation. At the beginning of the year, you invest much emotional energy in order to achieve your plans.

You will be looking for radical reforms in teamwork. You turn your ideas into reality with help from friends. You change the way you achieve your goals in society. You find a plan of action thanks to your insight. Many of you are involved in social or political activities. In winter, your vision changes and you become an inspiration to others. You are confident of your ideals. Faith leads you forward. You find truth and show it to others.

This makes you independent. In late spring you have a desire for change and restructuring in the field of personal security. Subconsciously, you pursue what you want to do, looking for freedom. This innovative impetus is better focused on the realization of your talent, not in financial risks. Uranus is focused on higher intellect and wants to outwardly demonstrate your originality, that you have been hiding.

During these months, you will be concerned with issues of your inner circle, do not get into unnecessary disputes. Do not get so involved in the details. Summer is a time for relaxation, entertainment and love. You'll be in a euphoria of sensual delight. Love and your children bring happiness. You are in a creative mood and your plans are carried out. Express yourself confidently and extensively. Children, creativity and work in the arts become a priority.

In autumn, the relationships with the close ones of Pisces are strained, you will need to help others, to make a choice and to sacrifice something for them. In late autumn, you may have to engage in a struggle for supremacy. Expect transformations of shared resources - inheritance, taxes, investments and partnerships' income. In your pursuit of large sums, you have to be careful with the contracts, terms and charges.

In late fall and early winter, you will get help from afar, thanks to your own efforts. Build career plans based on strict rules and laws. Loved ones help you to continue to progress. A business trip will make your hopes come true.

In winter you will achieve a new level in your social status - work focused on the future, thanks to well-conceived ideals, and because you are responsible, energetic and see things to the end. You overcome any obstacles standing in your way. Your strength this year is found in your profound actions.



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