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Aquarius 2013 - Yearly Horoscope


In 2013, representatives of Aquarius will be unusually sensitive to how they appear in other people's eyes. You'll have to work hard to realize your dream career. You seek how to make it more secure and sustainable for you materially. You will find a career that suits your temperament and abilities, if you have patience and perseverance. In the summer, you change your style and abilities at work, which will bring you success in society.

You will deal effectively and skillfully with the material world throughout the year. In the very beginning, you infuse your ideas toward the implementation of your plans, although they may be too innovatory and difficult to implement in reality. Growth during this period requires the destruction of old patterns. You find root causes that motivate you; this is a moment of uncertainty.

From mid-February, the creative and spiritual aspirations of Aquarius are rewarded. You earn money through your own labor. You may find non-traditional forms of increasing income. It is a good time for freelancers. Your relationships become intensely idealistic with a spiritual tinge.

A love connection can become overwhelmingly magical. But since Neptune is in power, you must always take care to distinguish fantasy from reality. In early spring, your views change, you are looking for innovative ways to communicate. You become dependent on the environment, you strongly believe in the words of others. You think selectively, but the goal is unclear, unseen. Perhaps the ideas are ahead of their time.

This makes you anxious and tense. In the spring, you may encounter someone who conquers your thoughts and feelings. You express yourself with all your heart. You can fill your life with hobbies, entertainment and artistic endeavors. You are looking for an outlet of your emotions. This creative expression will lead to new spiritual strength and prepare you for a new stage, which starts in mid-2013 - a positive period in your work, you do things in the best way possible.

You achieve good relationships with your colleagues. Your contribution is enormous. Perhaps it is here where you will make a change in your life philosophy. Expect to meet people who will prove faithful friends. Blinded by your growth at work, you should not disclose your plans for future financial projects with institutions. In this period, you may have too much to do and not enough time to take care of your health.

In early autumn, you may be seeking the truth, the deeper meaning of life, and also be involved in the struggle for supremacy, to resolve old problems related to shared financial resources. In late autumn, a long journey can bring change. A return to education, publishing can come to the fore as you make a decision between practical and long-term tasks.

In late autumn and winter, old friends will help you. Career success will come from old arrangements and relationships. Expect the support from institutions. Think of your professional life in the long run. Business propositions from powerful persons await you. Fate will reward you with strength and a dignified position in society. You develop Saturn qualities such as patience, endurance, pragmatism, persistence and compliance.

Representatives of Aquarius rely on old, trodden paths at work and do not take unnecessary initiative. Self-employment is not recommended. The end of 2013 is the period for the manifestation of goals, dreams and desires. You feel your own identity better through your group of friends. Your sensitivity to new trends is appreciated by them. Enjoy your new popularity.



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