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The frog – a symbol of rebirth

Nina NordNina Nord

Different religions have different beliefs frogs and their meanings, with different ascribed properties, but the most powerful of them is that it symbolizes the rebirth of the soul.

This is due to the fact that frogs change many times during their lives, as the soul undergoes metamorphoses and is reborn each time a new body. The light green and black frogs are considered the most powerful symbols, whether one keeps them in their home in the form of statues or just meets them during a nature walk.

The frog is considered one of the most controversial characters. In China, the Frog is a suitable symbol of the coin God's favorite Liu Hai. As a Feng Shui mascot, a frog should be placed in the living room - in the left corner, opposite the door to bring money into the house. In your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, you should not have frogs.

In ancient Egypt, the frog was a symbol of the goddess Haeckel, which helped women in childbirth. Frog sitting on a lotus flower, is a symbol of rebirth and eternity of life.

In the Middle Ages, people believed that in the belly of each frog can be found diamond or emerald with powerful magical properties. This stone may indicate the location of a hidden treasure and be used for different types of spells is what the people in the Middle Ages were convinced.

Killing a frog is absolutely forbidden, as it is located between two worlds - the tangible and intangible, and can cure diseases, but if you're making it angry or hurt, it may end up causing them. It is not recommended even to chase a frog if it stands in the middle of your path, because it helps pregnant women and the sick.

Frog amulets are worn round the neck, preventing heart and lung disease, it brings prosperity and wealth, and good luck in work and love.

The figure of a frog worn in a pocket of the garment of a pregnant woman prevents trouble during pregnancy and helps in easy and painless childbirth.