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Year of the Dragon: Chinese Horoscope for 2012

Year of the Dragon: Chinese Horoscope for 2012

According to the Chinese horoscope, each sign will face different problems and enjoy achievements of various types in 2012.

The Rat's Year of the Dragon will be interesting but rather complicated. On the one hand, he is active and sociable, but aggressive. So 2012 will be successful for those rats that will be flexible and optimistic. There will be many opportunities for success, it is important not to miss them.

The Bull is on the verge of a key moment in his life. This is a year of great opportunities. The bull can correct past mistakes and turn them into opportunities.

The Tiger will experience an interesting and productive year, which is not going to be easy at all. Tigers need to show activity and unconventional thinking to succeed in the Year of the Dragon.

The Rabbit will enjoy a stable and successful year. This strong charge will continue next year. The Dragon is sympathetic to the Rabbit, Rabbit canboldly make plans as they will be realized.

Year of the Dragon: Chinese Horoscope for 2012

Dragons will experience an incredible year. On them will depend the happiness of many people. They will be able to change not only their lives but the lives of others, but will incur a lot of trouble through this success. Dragons will change many lives.

The Snake will enjoy good year, but only if it is sufficiently active and resolute and not let the tide slpi them. For the snake, a new period of success has began that will last six years.

In 2012, the horse will enjoy fame and fortune. Successes awaits them in various fields, the horse this year will be able to enjoy a long deserved vacation .

The Goat faces trials this year. That's why the earlier part of this year, they will be very nervous and vulnerable. To survive this difficult period of trials, the goat must be surrounded by wise friends.

The Monkey does not have to build plans that are too bold. The year will be successful in the work plan, expected advancements in your career in January. Unfortunately, the monkey will fall upon a unpleasant dilemma and will have to choose one of two very valuable people for them.

People of the Cock sign will radically change their lifestyles in 2012. Some problems of the past will disappear by themselves and new ones will be resolved without the cock putting too much focus on the matter. This is the year in which the cock is not selfish.

The dog will not have a particularly strong year. In the first half of the year luck for the dog will be fickle. In the second half of the year, most things will already be under control.

The Boar will carry out some of their most important plans this year. Representatives of this sign, which have bold ambitions will enjoy a great year.



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