What does it mean to dream of Eggs?

1. If you're giving or being given eggs in a dream, you'll find out that someone is in love with you. If you're hatching eggs in a dream, it means your worries will be pointless. If you're selling eggs in a dream, it means you'll have new possessions. If you're eating eggs, winnings await you..

2. If you're buying eggs in a dream, it means you'll progress seriously at the workplace or improve your status. If you dream of a chicken laying an egg, you'll hear good news. If you're carrying intact eggs, a passionate love relationship awaits but if they are broken you'll have troubles in love or your adventures will bring unpleasant consequences..

3. If you break an egg in a dream, you'll have an argument but if you break many, you'll suffer harm. If you see broken eggs or see someone breaking eggs in a dream you'll have sorrows on the love front. If you see eggs in a nest, you'll win money without expecting them..

4. If you dream that you’re cooking a dish with eggs, a person of the opposite sex will become highly interested in you. If you see birds hatching from eggs in a dream, happiness and love in your family will be infinite. If you dream of rotten eggs, it means you'll have to watch out for scammers..

5. If you dream of egg shells, you'll enjoy your earnings or love success without there being any real reason. If you dream of stepping on egg shells, you'll lead an affluent but empty, pointless life..

6. If you dream that others are throwing eggs at you, you'll earn notoriety. If you're throwing eggs at someone in a dream, it means you'll lose a property, money or will reject someone's true love for you. If you're stealing eggs in a dream, it means your earnings will be of questionable origin, will last for an unknown period and have unpleasant consequences..


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