What does it mean to dream of Walnut?

1. Crushing walnuts in your dream with your hands or teeth, means that you will be suffering from being naive, but if you use a nutcracker, it means that you will succeed in business.

2. Dreaming of gathering walnuts means that you will reap success in work and love.

3. To dream of a hard nut to crack is a sign of difficulties.

4. Cracking a walnut in your dream, portends that you will deal with obstacles or enemies.

5. Seeing a walnut sows that you will enjoy health and longevity.

6. If you dream of sleeping under a walnut, watch your health.

7. Dreaming of cracking green walnuts, tells that you will have bickering with friends or colleagues.

8. Eating walnuts in your dream, is a good sign, but if you bake or grind them - someone will create cares for you.

9. To dream of walnut nuts means you will be riding with someone close to property.

10. Wuthering walnuts in your dream, means that you will get someone else's property, or you will be spending other people's money.


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11.02.2017 06:38
dreams are indeed the one of important signs in life but it is the decree of our creator that stands all the way.i.e.nothing can harm or benefit anyone if Creator wills