What does it mean to dream of Earings?

1. Dreaming of earings, means that you will be meeting someone you love.

2. Dreaming that you find an earing, portends that you shall be happy in love.

3. Dreaming of wearing earings, tells that you shall do something bad to someone who loves you.

4. To dream of wearing an earing on your ear, means that you will be permanently bound.

5. Dreaming of someone putting an earing on, suggests that you will get support.

6. To dream of an earing in other parts of your body, suggests that negative rumors will cause harm and suffering to you.

7. A dream of loosing a set of earings, says that you’ll have sorrow and suffering.

8. Dreams of two earrings, mean that you will uncover some secrecy.

9. Dreaming of giving earings, suggests you shall get rid of a weight on your shoulders and will then feel better.

10. To dream of earings, means that you will hear gossip.

11. To dream that you are giving away your earings, portends cares and worries.

12. Dreams of finding a set of earings, indicate marriage.


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