What does it mean to dream of Lion?

1. Dreaming you see a lion, suggests you began with your great deeds and plans.

2. To dream that a lion is in a cage, means you will take to high society and will enjoy social prestige.

3. Dreaming you see a little lion, suggests you will have a pet with power.

4. Dreaming you attack the lion, suggests your achievements will be envied and others will try to take away your wealth.

5. To dream of a dead or sick lion, predicts misfortune.


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Black Lion
Black Lion
27.08.2010 21:45
What Does dreaming about a Calm and tame like Black Lion Approaching you means?

I have not dreamed it once but more than that till its bothering me.

Its like i saw it in a grassland where there is this only one spear looking rock somewhat like Stonehedge monument?