What does it mean to dream of Snatch?

1. To dream of grabbing or snatching something or someone, suggests your love relationship will be turbulent and short.


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28.12.2016 01:41
A young woman pushing a pushchair, snatched a fiver from my hand outta from out of nowhere. I snatch it back and started fighting and quarrelling wit her, also asking her - why she did that. We were in an open area of a woods. Then a middle aged, maybe 50-65 year old man snatched the fiver, but I snatched it back. And tole him to F-off. Then later on, I see the same man digging a ditch, with three other men.

I didn't want the man see me, so I averted my gaze, but I felt embarrassed and shamey, liked I'd done someting wrong.

Then black rocks like meteorites or busted up road pieces started falling from the sky like hail. I got scared an run underneat a small width, tallish tree. The guy(unknown/but maybe known to me), you know how dreams be. Looked at me as if to say, that's trees gunna protek you, NOT). When I come out from under da tree, it was still hailing aggregate.

Somehow one a these rings landed in my right hand, which I thought would break it clean off cause, those stones looked real weighty. But it dint brim my han, because it wazza unsliced loaf of white bread expertly and smoothly rendered in tar. I think I dash it on da floor, coz I couldn't see what possible use it could be, to me.

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