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Tombs of the last days of the AztecsTombs of the last days of the Aztecs
The capital, Tenochtitlan was one of the largest cities in the world at that time....
The Aztec CivilizationThe Aztec Civilization
They built their capital Tenochtitlan on the spot where they saw an eagle. It was perched clutching a snake in its claws according to legend....
Aztecs - Civilization and CultureAztecs - Civilization and Culture
The capital, Tenochtitlan populated about 300, 000 people. In this famous city, government control was present and was liable for penalties, agriculture, and all aspects of the economy....
Menacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies MexicoMenacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies Mexico
The human remains have laid undisturbed for 500 years until they were discovered underground beneath Mexico City, the same location as the once-capital of the Aztecs - Tenochtitlan....
The Worst Tragedies to Happen on Friday the 13th Over the YearsThe Worst Tragedies to Happen on Friday the 13th Over the Years
Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés conquered Tenochtitlan (the Empire's capital), killed off half the population and put an end to the Aztec nation....
Aztec human sacrificeAztec human sacrifice
When the Spaniards were led by Cortez Hernani when entering the capital Aztec Tenochtitlan in Mexico during the year of 1519, they remained astounded by the sight which was revealed to them....