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The Incredible Story of Mata HariThe Incredible Story of Mata Hari
05 Feb.
Mata Hari is known for being the most famous spy of the 20th century. Mata Hari, her stage name, in Malaysian means "eye of dawn". Her father was the owner of a hat store but Mata Hari claimed he was a Japanese prince....
Sleep Cleanses the Body of ToxinsSleep Cleanses the Body of Toxins
04 Feb.
While we sleep, our body cleanses itself from toxins, this being yet another function of sleep, state scientists from the University of Rochester. For long years scientists have been trying to find out what exactly...
The Most Evil Women in HistoryThe Most Evil Women in History
27 Jan.
Historians tend to focus only on the evil men that had once lived but the fact is that history is riddled with no small number of evil women, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents. Here are the most evil...
The Unique Historical Figure Niccolò MachiavelliThe Unique Historical Figure Niccolò Machiavelli
26 Jan.
Niccolò Machiavelli is a renowned historical figure, remembered over the generations for saying, "If a ruler wants to keep his power, the road to this is the use of force and all kinds of lies and deception." Machiavelli...
The Most Heated Rivalries in HistoryThe Most Heated Rivalries in History
20 Jan.
History is abundant with scientists and politicians competing for the top with rivals just as prepared as they. Rivalries have often resulted in threats, espionage and even serious outburts of violence. Bone Wars During...
The Most Painful Ways to DieThe Most Painful Ways to Die
19 Jan.
If you were to fall into it you would remain alive for at least several excruciatingly painful minutes. Human sacrifice....
The Ming Dynasty - Rise and FallThe Ming Dynasty - Rise and Fall
13 Jan.
The reign of the Ming dynasty was of key historical importance for China. It began in 1368, founded by Zhu Yuanzhang, whose imperial reign continued for 31 years. The Ming rule is remembered as one of the greatest eras...
What Does the Red Rose Symbolize?What Does the Red Rose Symbolize?
23 Dec.
For centuries, flowers have borne their own particular symbolism. It has changed many times but several main messages have remained. The language of flowers and their use to express feelings and emotions were most popular...
Shortcomings of the Gemini Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Gemini Zodiac Sign
12 Dec.
Persons born under the sign of Gemini have several shortcomings but do also possess very good traits that compensate for these. However, it couldn't hurt for one to know the shortcomings of this zodiac sign, in order...
Shortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac Sign
11 Dec.
Each person has their own shortcomings, and according to astrologers these depend on the zodiac sign the person was born under. Individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign have their good sides but also many flaws,...
Shortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign
30 Nov.
Like all the others, the zodiac sign of Aquarius has its own shortcomings, one of these being their characteristic futile actions. They are capable of spending entire days in their own little world when they have to get...
The 4 Most Creative Zodiac SignsThe 4 Most Creative Zodiac Signs
25 Nov.
There's no doubt that each and every zodiac sign has its positive and negative personality traits. Some are gifted with a strong will, others with a sense of justice, while others are so creative that the people around...
Shortcomings of the Capricorn Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign
23 Nov.
If you become familiar with Capricorn's shortcomings, it'll be easier for you to understand the people of this zodiac sign. Capricorn may appear to be a cold and cruel creature, who is not interested in others' problems...
When the Zodiac Signs Get DepressedWhen the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed
18 Nov.
But if they do feel something like this catching up to them, they quickly root it out, focusing on that which keeps them alive - work. They turn rough and sharp-tongued while in such a state....
Shortcomings of the Sagittarius Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
16 Nov.
Among the shortcomings of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the one that stands out the most is their habit of not telling the truth. For Sagittarius, the use of lies to his advantage is something normal, although he himself...

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