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Jolly Roger - History of the Pirate FlagJolly Roger - History of the Pirate Flag
17 Aug.
But history remains silent as to when exactly the scarlet color of the terrifying flag was replaced with black. Different historical sources claim that this most likely happened around 1700 in the Caribbean....
Watershed Events in History in the Year of the SnakeWatershed Events in History in the Year of the Snake
02 May
The new moon of February 10, 2013, at 9:21 pm local time, according to Chinese astrology started the year of the Black Snake. Female, passive character (MI) associated with the north, or winter night. The snake is the...
The Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient WorldThe Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient World
28 Feb.
Some speak through drums, others come to us in our dreams. One of these spirits, Matshishkapeu, speaks through farts....
The 10 Most Secret Sites in the WorldThe 10 Most Secret Sites in the World
30 May
The Vatican Some of the most top secret documents in the world are kept in the Vatican. The Pope is the only one allowed access....
The Most Bizarre Rock Formations in the WorldThe Most Bizarre Rock Formations in the World
13 Aug.
Woodson in San Diego and is quite likely the most appetizing-looking cliff in the world, since it looks so much like the potato temptation....
The Zodiac Signs with the Most Difficult CharactersThe Zodiac Signs with the Most Difficult Characters
21 June
Aries is terribly stubborn and rarely compromises when it comes to his requests, quite often trying to impose his view in the roughest way possible....
What are the Superstitions about Comets and Asteroids?What are the Superstitions about Comets and Asteroids?
21 Oct.
In many religions it is believed that the Last Judgment will be foretold by a comet. Halley's Comet is perhaps the most mysterious of all comets....
What Superstitions Relate to the Appearance of Comets?What Superstitions Relate to the Appearance of Comets?
26 Oct.
Another comet, they thought, caused the tremendous bloodshed during a battle between Pompey and Caesar. Comets continued to sow fear later on in history....
The Most Ancient Tattoos Ever FoundThe Most Ancient Tattoos Ever Found
10 May
It is located right at the beginning of the famous Valley of the Kings....
The Most Painful Ways to DieThe Most Painful Ways to Die
19 Jan.
Next comes stiffness and loss of the ability to move. Then you might make attempts to crawl along the ground but your body temperature drops even more this way. Once you're no longer shaking, you die....
The 4 Most Creative Zodiac SignsThe 4 Most Creative Zodiac Signs
25 Nov.
There's no doubt that each and every zodiac sign has its positive and negative personality traits. Some are gifted with a strong will, others with a sense of justice, while others are so creative that the people around...
Most Fascinating Facts about the EarthMost Fascinating Facts about the Earth
23 Apr.
This means that life has only been around for 5-10% of Earth's history; - The most spoken language on the planet is Chinese, used by about 1 billion people....
The 4 Most Prideful Zodiac SignsThe 4 Most Prideful Zodiac Signs
20 Apr.
As opposed to the fire signs however, representatives of this sign can handle slight criticism, as long as it doesn't come in the form of sarcasm or ridicule....
The Most Effective Techniques for ManipulationThe Most Effective Techniques for Manipulation
22 June
Manipulation is an action that helps you convince others of your point of view, without they themselves realizing it. In manipulation, the main objective is to achieve your own goal. No matter how unpleasant it might sound...
The Most Curious Facts about AnimalsThe Most Curious Facts about Animals
20 June
Whenever a magpie comes upon the corpse of another magpie, first it prods it to make sure that it's really dead, after which it places a blade of grass over the body of the dead bird....

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