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Depressing DreamDepressing Dream
11 Apr.
being a real bitch. Luckily for me she changed her mind because I promised i would change. I've been doing pretty good until I had this dream last night. Today in my english class, i broke down that dream kept coming up...
Sleeping DreamSleeping Dream
02 Jan.
I had a dream where I at my place, it was night time, some one toll me that I was suppose to go some where, but some one else toll me that I was sleeping and that I had to weak my self I walk to my bedroom, open...
Crazy DreamCrazy Dream
11 Dec.
was tall a little fat and had both arms. ) The Dad started yelling at my friend and my friend yelled "ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR FAT! ! " Then his dad put my friend in his shirt and my friend disappeared so i started...
Weird dreamWeird dream
03 Dec.
I dreamed that I was in my house but It looked diffrent and in my dream a spirit of a man told me my house used to be a fueral parlor years ago the spirit was familiar it scared me I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for agers and I've thought about the dream all day....
Device for visualizing dreamsDevice for visualizing dreams
25 Feb.
A team of Japanese scientists invented a device that can visualize human thoughts and dreams on a computer screen. Currently researchers are equipped with technology that can reproduce simple pictures of the brain. The...
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
we can perceive it as a dimension that religion called the Sky, a definitive of "collective unconscious". In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies...
Having dreams about guysHaving dreams about guys
11 Nov.
to my school , In the dream we were huging an holding hands . that same night I had anouther dream about anouther guy named dylan, we were walking around town holding hands. can aneyone explain why I keep having dreams...
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person. If in your dream you see birds flying, this means you will succeed in all...
What Does it Mean if you`re Diving in a Dream?What Does it Mean if you`re Diving in a Dream?
04 Dec.
You dream that you're diving into a river or diving into the sea from a high platform. What do these symbols in our dreams mean and should we be worried? Diving reveals our inner desire to free ourselves from...
The People you Dream of Come Bearing a Message! Find Out What it isThe People you Dream of Come Bearing a Message! Find Out What it is
11 Feb.
In order to determine the message that people in your dreams are sending you you must first ask yourself what that specific individual means to you. It is most likely that in your dream they symbolize the emotions...
Your Genes Determine When You Fall AsleepYour Genes Determine When You Fall Asleep
23 Jan.
on your genes. Experts from California believe that our genetic traits can most accurately determine when we should go to bed - whether we are night owls or whether it's better for us to go to sleep early. Experts...
What do your nails say about you?What do your nails say about you?
14 Sept.
The form of your nails can suggest how you can prevent trouble and problems or which you get involved in. If you have a sharp wedge shaped nail, it suggest that you are too sensitive. To manage your emotions more...
Your Forehead Reveals your CharacterYour Forehead Reveals your Character
04 Dec.
dreamer, an idealist, an enthusiastic fantasizer. The more formed a forehead, the higher the intelligence. There's also wrinkles evident in that case as well. Individuals with narrow foreheads are good at doing...
The Curse of Being a Widow in IndiaThe Curse of Being a Widow in India
14 June
husband has died. Girls in India are taught from a young age how to be a good wife, how to take care of the house and care for their husband. The idea that without their men they are useless is also impressed upon them...
Proven! We're Being Poisoned with Toxic Chemicals in the AirProven! We're Being Poisoned with Toxic Chemicals in the Air
07 Sept.
NASA admits that humans are being poisoned with heavy metals and vaccines in the air. They've been spraying lithium in the Earth's ionosphere for 45 years, supposedly to help people with maniacal depression and...

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