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The Zodiac Signs That Lie the MostThe Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most
08 Aug.
The different zodiac signs lie in different ways and to different degrees. Geminis lie a lot but if you ask them, this is simply their favorite game. Geminis lie expertly from an early age. Virgos lie from time to time...
The Most Controversial Executions in the USThe Most Controversial Executions in the US
25 Mar.
Caryl Chessman - death sentence with stay of execution - 1960 The death sentencing of Caryl Chessman was one of the most controversial of the 20th century....
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
American and British scientists have found the oldest animal on the planet, which, according to research, appeared some time after Christopher Columbus discovered America. The oldest organism on our planet is a type...
The most depressing days of the yearThe most depressing days of the year
22 Sept.
Not Friday the 13th, but Monday the 27th is really the most miserable day of the year. When the twenty-seventh falls on Monday, most trouble, accidents and injuries occur....
The Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsThe Most Inaccurate Technological Predictions
14 Oct.
Movies - a temporary fad During the premier of "The Great Dictator", famous actor and director Charlie Chaplin said that film was a temporary fad that would soon die out because most people preferred to go to the theater...
The Most Loyal Zodiac SignsThe Most Loyal Zodiac Signs
27 May
The most loyal zodiac signs are Cancer, Taurus and Pisces. Representatives of the Cancer zodiac sign are exceptionally attached to their friends, intimate partner and close relatives....
The Most Indecisive Zodiac SignsThe Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs
11 Feb.
Those born under the sign of Aries are one of the most decisive representatives of the zodiac. They are initiative and daring and you'll rarely find them hesitating about something....
The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!
29 Oct.
But the most terrifying method was where the victim was hung over a cauldron of boiling water and gradually lowered into it. This way the execution could last for hours....
The Most Intelligent Zodiac SignsThe Most Intelligent Zodiac Signs
12 Aug.
And even though all star signs have different qualities and gifts, 3 signs stand out in the zodiac who deserve the title of the most intelligent zodiac sign....
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
The man with infallible memory Among the most impressive human phenomena is also Kim Peek, who according to doctors had the rare savant syndrome....
The five most inexplicable phenomenaThe five most inexplicable phenomena
13 Jan.
Scientists from around the world for decades have been trying to unravel the mystery of five of the most unexplainable phenomena but continue to try in vain. The first is the way the brain affects the body....
The most insidious star signsThe most insidious star signs
15 Dec.
In most cases, archers have strong logic, philosophy, and their intelligence makes them very terrible schemers....
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
She was burned at the stake and cursed anyone who would summon her ghost to die a horrible death....
The Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient WorldThe Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient World
28 Feb.
Lo and behold, that is how Sæhrímnir came to be - the sinister deity of bacon, whose meat was the most delicious in the entire universe. The myths go that the giant boar was cursed by Odin to eternal life....
The 10 Most Secret Sites in the WorldThe 10 Most Secret Sites in the World
30 May
Today, the more superstitious believe that the island is haunted by ghosts. Negev Nuclear Research Center, Israel In the Israeli Negev desert there sits a secret nuclear research facility....

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