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Do Moles Have Any Connection to Past Lives?

Do Moles Have Any Connection to Past Lives?


Many people believe in reincarnation or rebirth. They believe and hope that the life they are currently living is not the only one they've ever lived or will live. The idea is that the soul is repeatedly reborn into different physical bodies until it matures spiritually.

The belief in reincarnation originates primarily from the Eastern religions - Hinduism and Buddhism, while Christians, regardless if we're talking about Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants or others, believe that we only live once, after which our immortal soul goes to either Heaven or Hell.

Supporters of the idea of reincarnation postulate that moles are our karmic connections to the past. Moles on the body reveal not only the hidden aspects to our character but are also evidence of a past life.

Sometimes moles have the same form and are located in the same spot as in the other physical body we've "rented" in our past life. At other times, moles are located right on the spot where we've been wounded in our bygone life.

Their form and color can also tell us much. Persons who have round moles with an even color, had a mild and pleasant character in their former life.

While individuals having rectangular-shaped moles were bad, dishonest and are burdened with heavy karma, which they can pay off only by putting in tremendous amounts of effort.

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