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On Which Hand do I Wear a Bracelet Against Curses?

On Which Hand do I Wear a Bracelet Against Curses?


We've all been the victim of a curse at some point or another. To become the victim of evil, envious eyes, is something beyond horrible. It may cause you a headache, problems at the workplace and with family and even health problems.

One of the most tried and tested ways of battling curses is to wear a red thread for protection. The rule is to tie it on the left hand of the person who wishes to be protected because diseases, curses and misfortune attack us from the left side.

Nowadays, instead of a red thread you can put a simple red bracelet against curses on your hand, to guard you from the envious looks of others.

A bracelet against curses must also be worn on the left hand. It needs to be colored red because red counteracts negative energy and bad thoughts.

It is thought that the tradition of tying a red thread on the hand or putting on a red bracelet against curses dates back to the time of Rachel, wife of Jacob. After her death, a red thread was wound around her grave which even today is believed to be a ward against evil.

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