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Why do We Sleep on Pillows?

Why do We Sleep on Pillows?


Nowadays, everyone knows what a pillow is but do we know where they originated from? It is thought that pillows were used way back even in Ancient Egypt and Asia. Chinese pillows were often crafted from stone, porcelain or wood, until they began making textile pillows later on. There is only 1 reason why we sleep on pillows - thanks to them our body lines up in a position comfortable for sleeping.

There are a whole lot of folks who pay more attention to their mattress and buy an expensive one, without batting an eyelash when it comes to their pillow. This is a bad idea because an unsuitable pillow can disrupt sleep and cause serious discomfort. Each and every person needs to choose a pillow best suited for them.

The most important characteristics of any pillow are size, stuffing and shape. Keep in mind also that choosing a pillow needs to depend on your favorite sleeping position - if you sleep on your back, a flat pillow is probably the best choice. If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you need an appropriate anatomical model. Choosing the right pillow contributes to getting proper rest and quality sleep.

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