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The astronauts of the Third Reich returned after 47 years flightThe astronauts of the Third Reich returned after 47 years flight
08 Dec.
secret but deadly, no one was expecting that they will return to earth after nearly half a century. "This is unbelievable", said one of the experts at NASA. "Even just the fact that the Germans had the space...
The Third Person SyndromeThe Third Person Syndrome
25 Apr.
the third person, or third person factor. These are cases where people feel a presence, visible or invisible. A similar thing happened with Vincent Lama - a famous doctor from Canada. In his youth, when studying for...
I Think I'm Dying!I Think I'm Dying!
20 May
faintness, I sleep all the time and think only about food, I'm always eating. I can't get enough sleep, no matter how long I sleep. For some time there's been blood coming out of my nose - this is what's scaring me the...
Signs That your Third Eye is OpenSigns That your Third Eye is Open
01 Nov.
You give up your old habits and instead seek mental and spiritual evolution. This never-ending pursuit of self-improvement has a direct impact on your life. Gradually, every single thing is subjected to doubt and further...
This dream woke meThis dream woke me
15 Dec.
my other kids were in a different place and another wave came in and the same thing happened and one more wave came in and i had all my kids with me still holding the little black kitten and i looked out over the...
Dangerous Magnetic Storms This WeekendDangerous Magnetic Storms This Weekend
29 Aug.
This Saturday and Sunday we will be subject to dangerous magnetic storms that cause depression and heart attacks, warn cardiologists and experts from NASA. The magnetic storms will be most dangerous to people...
Numerology Prognosis for This WeekNumerology Prognosis for This Week
06 Jan.
. 1 - The advice of the people around you will help you make wise decisions this week. Determine your goals, then share them with your loved ones. Take small steps in the days leading up to January 11 and avoid impulsive...
What Awaits the Zodiac Signs this WeekWhat Awaits the Zodiac Signs this Week
17 June
This week, the retrograde Mercury goes back into Gemini, which will have a negative effect on short-distance travels and communication. Venus and Jupiter will form a sextile, which will influence love...
Think You`re Cursed? Find out Right at HomeThink You`re Cursed? Find out Right at Home
27 Oct.
lower limbs are affected. Third level - Destroys authority. The stomach, liver, gallbladder, small intestines and pancreas are affected. Fourth level - Blocks emotions. The heart and cardiovascular system are...
I think there s a demon in my bodyI think there s a demon in my body
21 Mar.
Hello! I want to share something. I feel that when someone annoys me, I become like a demon or evil being. A week ago, or so, my mother told me that at night I get out of bed and I enter their room, holding a knife...
A strange thing happened to meA strange thing happened to me
26 Mar.
afraid. In front of my friends, I call it Kasparcho and I do not think I'm an unusual or indigo child. I often dream strange dreams, and often get deja vu and I'm used to it. I'm afraid of dreaming of banshees because some...
Have you Dreamed This Man?Have you Dreamed This Man?
30 Apr.
If you've dreamed of the man in the picture, you are one of the few who have received a life lesson from this mysterious wise man. The face is one of the most distributed around the world and is a common sight among...
Numerology Horoscope for This WeekNumerology Horoscope for This Week
16 Sept.
money unnecessarily, just to feel better. 7 - This week you will often think about a person who is far away from you. Use your free time to go out with friends. Don't feel guilty that you don't meet others...
Punishments in this life depend on the filling of karmaPunishments in this life depend on the filling of karma
28 Mar.
attaches undue significance. The important thing is not to idealize anyone or anything. Especially yourself. I started to look to the other on top, with contempt; this is one of the biggest breaches of the rules of our...
Your January Horoscope Reveals What`s Coming this MonthYour January Horoscope Reveals What`s Coming this Month
02 Jan.
challenges. But the good news is that the Universe will be on your side, so you will enjoy successes after all. The greatest achievements will come to those of you who think outside the box and aren't afraid to take risks...

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