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Where in the World is Hell Cold?Where in the World is Hell Cold?
08 Oct.
: For the Scandinavians, Eskimos, Yakuts and inhabitants of northern Siberia and Kamtschatka, Hell is cold. For the majority of Southern peoples, Hell is thought to be a burning inferno. Members of the South American...
Eye color superstitionsEye color superstitions
25 Mar.
spots or gray eyes that are splashed with brown, are contradictory. These are people who enjoy unlimited power. The pattern is slightly complicated. Best for them are people of the same color eyes or people with gray...
NASA: a Phenomenally Cold Winter Expected in EuropeNASA: a Phenomenally Cold Winter Expected in Europe
19 Aug.
NASA scientists are predicting that the upcoming winter will be one of the coldest in history due to the increased activity of El Niño. The weather phenomenon appears once every 2-7 years. Climatologist and...
Eye color shows your talentsEye color shows your talents
13 Sept.
be cold, powerful and of sharp nature and never sentimental. People with blue eyes are endowed with a rich imagination. They are artistic, fascinating and hold contact with others. Often they make generous and noble...
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
Colors influence our psyche. If we can identify green briefly, the most appropriate would be - optimism and abundance. Most often characterize green as the color of nature - birth, renewal, and the beginning of new...
Yellow Color Meaning and SymbolismYellow Color Meaning and Symbolism
08 Dec.
The is a yellow symbol of the sun, the source of heat and light, without which life on Earth is impossible. Yellow fills you with positive energy. The significance of the yellow color in different eras and in...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BlueSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Blue
10 Feb.
cold and unpleasant. Usually we identify it with the sky, sea, cleanliness, air, freedom and truth. Naturally, the various nuances have different associations and symbolism but the sea and sky are typically the first...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color PinkSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Pink
07 Jan.
Pink is one of those colors that has endless contradictory meanings. The color is a symbol of escapism from reality, a synonym of impracticality. Few people know that the color pink is actually a combination of red...
Our Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable PartnerOur Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable Partner
18 Feb.
It has been established that every color has its energetic emanation and according to groups of experts, this also applies to eye color. The color of men's eyes can guide us when we're looking for true love. It is...
Symbolism and meaning of the color redSymbolism and meaning of the color red
07 Oct.
Basic symbolic meanings of the color red date from antiquity to the present day. Loved by some, hated by others, this color grabs attention and creates special feelings in those who see it. It combines aggression and...
Your personality according to your hair colorYour personality according to your hair color
08 July
Hair color is more than just an element of appearance - every shade has its own personality. It turns out that certain personality traits seem to be associated with hair color and people sometimes make judgments based...
What color hair goes with green eyesWhat color hair goes with green eyes
07 Oct.
Finding the right hair color for green eyes is a challenge. There are many elements to consider when choosing the right hair color. Your analysis should be based on your skin tone, eye color and your true hair color...
Our Favorite Color Reveals Our Hidden FearsOur Favorite Color Reveals Our Hidden Fears
02 Oct.
People who like the color black have grand plans for the future and their greatest fear is not making them happen. Even though they appear very confident, these types of people easily lose their nerve whenever one...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BrownSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Brown
07 May
Every color has its own specific meaning and influence. This is why people react differently to the different colors. The color brown is often seen as boring and bourgeoisie. This perhaps lies behind the fact that...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color WhiteSymbolism and Meaning of the Color White
17 Aug.
In the majority of people the color white induces a feeling of ease and quiet, coolness and light. This is the color of sincerity, the ideal, imagination and dreams, a symbol of truth and innocence. What's...

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