Evil Eyes - The power of vision

Evil Eyes

For thousands of years, since ancient times, it was known that some people get sick because of the virtue of one’s evil eyes . This phenomenon has been described by many authors.

Many people consider a symbol of death an empty skull with eyes but this image has a hidden meaning, it warns that death can be caused by evil eyes . It is written by the more famous healer, Avicenna: "Often the soul influences the foreign body, especially in the impact of bad eyes." In 1553, EU researcher, Conegliano Agrippa describes women who killed a man at a glance.

In the eighties of the XIX century in the Italian city of Messina, lived a man whose casual glance killed people. Ironically, he liked the mirror and would examine himself for a long time. Then he died by his own eyes.

At the same time a senior official from Britain, Karstan, left to go to India to kill elephants. He killed for a luxury to just copy and cut its tusks, but remembered that he forgot the special knife. He returned to the camp to collect it, and left two servants to keep the elephant.

When he returned, his servants were found bound and he also found some indigenous cut tusks. It scared the servant, but the intruders were not gone. They came over and started to watch the British official. The servants warned him that these were people from the tribe mulu-kurumba and could kill with their eyes. Karstan laughed.

The next day Karstan cannot get out of bed. Doctors were called and in an emergency examined him and determined that he was completely healthy. But he could not move for 13 days, and then died.

Scientists say the effect of the „evil eyes" are due to the powerful bio-energy pulses that are emitted by the human eye for the destruction of brain cells to another person. The frequency of the spectrum present in the rays is in important as it is this that affects human viewing of bad eyes.

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Comments (4)

10.08.2013 23:32
it could be true.
31.12.2012 22:46
How do you know if you've got them?
Can you make your eyes evil eyes?
Does it have to be a certian colour ?
23.09.2012 20:41
is this true? ..or it's just a joke? do people with evil eyes exist today? does anybody know here?
22.08.2012 15:23
is this really true

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