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Weekly Star Prognosis Until January 22

This week, the Sun is going to transition into Aquarius and make everything related to friends, coworkers and communication take center stage. Communication will be our primary weapon for carrying out our plans.

At the start of the new week, Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius are going to form a tense square that will create a series of disarrays, which we need to be wary of, so we don't lose our position in our career.

Every rash action or act of aggression can lead to serious professional problems. That is why you shouldn't rush, especially if these actions are linked to your professional obligations.

Aries - You'll get ahead in your career, as long as you don't blindly trust everyone

At the start of the week you may begin work on your professional development and even though there will be some changes in your preplanned schedule, events will arrange themselves to your benefit. In the middle of the week, you can expect support from your close friends or coworkers. Thanks to their ideas and suggestions, you're going to manage to advance in your projects. Be careful with whom your share your plans because you shouldn't don't blindly trust everyone.

Taurus - Be creative at work

Creative energy is going to affect you tremendously this week and thanks to your creative approach you're going to bring order to many of your projects. You're going to have to be more frugal in your financial issues and even if others around you urge you toward large purchases, you must not give in to your desire to spend. Use the influx of inspiration you're going to get in the coming days in order to speed up the completion of some of your plans. But do remain with both feet planted firmly on the ground and don't expect your tasks to become realized instantly.

Gemini - Pay attention to your family

Your focus this week needs to be on your family and home. You may receive understanding and support from those closest to you, as long as you're honest with them and show that you value their opinion. The first few days of the new week will show you which individuals you can trust and which it's better to avoid. Expect opportunities for professional growth but be sure to assess the people you're working with carefully, in order not to fall into the traps of manipulators.

Cancer - Defend only your own interests

This week you may be left disappointed by friends or coworkers who haven't kept their word as you had hoped. It's likely this shakes up your self-confidence a bit but if you invest efforts in your work, instead of in constant communication and discussion of your plans, you're going to have a better chance for growth. In the next few days, steer clear of people who may abuse your good intentions. Place well-defined borders and don't do favors for everyone, instead primarily defend your own rights and opinion.

Leo - You can increase your earnings but only if you work persistently

This week you're going to have the opportunity to increase your earnings through work. Gather the courage to renegotiate your terms and conditions at work with your boss. You may also be offered additional work, which you should not turn down. The period can become extremely productive for you but you're going to have to be active and hardworking. At the end of the week, put your personal relationships above your professional ones and try to set aside more time for those closest to you.

Virgo - Don't worry about being the center of attention

At the beginning of the week you're going to have the chance to show your qualities in their best light. Don't be worried about standing in the spotlight in the coming days because others' attention will be good for you and your self-confidence. In the days until January 22, take on the role of initiator and utilize your decisiveness and courage in order to realize your dreams. Toward the end of the week, try to reign in your anger and be careful when communicating with your closest.

Libra - You're going to have a great desire to impose your will

The week will begin smoothly and you're going to be carrying out your daily tasks with joy but as January 22 approaches, the tension in the setting around you will grow. Your desire to have the last word at any given project will be great but this will strain your communication with others. You need to invest more efforts for there to be harmony. At the end of the week you're going to have more positive opportunities for demonstrating your leadership skills.

Scorpio - Have more faith in your social abilities

Communication will be important for fulfilling your plans this week. The exchange of knowledge and experience will be beneficial, so try to communicate more with those around you. Coordinate your objectives and actions with them. Although this may seem difficult at first, your joint projects will have better success than the individual ones. The week is excellent for taking part in social events, seminars and educational courses. Toward the end of the week, devote more time to your family.

Sagittarius - You may be more critical than usual

Your professional projects will be your main preoccupation this week. During the first few days, your plans are going to be developing harmoniously but as the week progresses you may become more critical and demanding of others, which is going to cause tension in your communication with them. It won't be easy for you to overlook others' mistakes but if you're too direct you may make enemies. Before you speak, try to analyze the situation.

Capricorn - Concentrate on premade plans

At the beginning of this week, concentrate on your premade plans and try to fulfill your obligations on schedule. Focus on the details and don't lose control over the situation. Your progress in your work tasks is going to raise your self-confidence and present you in a good light in front of others. Toward the week's end, you're going to have to be more cautious when communicating with your relatives because they may take your actions and words the wrong way.

Aquarius - Be cautious with your money

In the days until January 22, try to clear up your financial obligations so that you don't create additional problems for yourself by delaying your payments. Expect news that are going to induce strong emotions or provoke you to be more active and confident than usual, which will in turn help you start many of your plans without hesitation. Just be a bit more penny-wise, so you don't fall into financial hardships.

Pisces - Don't be worried about attracting others' attention

This week, try to coordinate your plans with others; even if working alone, share your ideas with people around you. Your friends' support will give you the confidence to work. If you achieve successes, don't be afraid to share them in social media and attract the attention of others with your progress. Some may criticize you but more will admire your achievements. At the end of the week, you're going to have the motivation required to resolve your problems.

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