Your Numerology Prognosis Until September 4th

Wondering what kind of surprises await you this week, according to numerology? To find out, first calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the digits of your date, month and year of birth. Keep adding them until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - No matter how much you worry about the difficulties accompanying your life, nothing will change. Instead, simply let things run their course and don't think too long about your mistakes. Enjoy the little things and have fun here and now. Everything else is inconsequential.

2 - This week you'll finally realize that happiness isn't a final destination but a way of life. This is a good enough reason to change many of your habits, to look at the world from another angle and learn to appreciate everything that life serves you day after day.

Number 3

3 - During the next few days you're going to feel more ambitious than ever to prove that you're an ambitious person with huge potential. You're likely finally going to decide to get out of your comfort zone and participate in activities that have until recently seemed scary to you. You may start looking for a better job or ask to be given more professional tasks.

4 - An unexpected event is going to add heaps of excitement to your life in a few days' time. A new, fascinating person you've long been dreaming of may appear in your life. But do keep in mind that it depends entirely on you whether your relations will develop in a romantic direction or whether you'll only remain friends.

5 - This week you're going to have to ignore your own needs and give a hand to someone who means a lot to you. But this isn't going to be a problem for you, quite the contrary. Suddenly you'll come to realize that when you help others you too feel happy and purposeful.

6 - This week you'll be given the opportunity to join a team of professionals (or romantic partnership) that will make you better person and open new doors before you. You're going to feel charged with positive energy and inspiration.

7 - This week will serve you many pleasant moments in the love aspect. Those of you who have a partner are going to enjoy their attention and feel very special indeed. Singles aren't going to be bored either. After going to a social event, you're going to meet someone new and this will quickly transform into an intimate relationship.

Number 8

8 - In the period between August 29 and September 4, many of you are going to feel unsatisfied with your personal life and remember the past, when you lived through much more exciting love experiences. But don't rush to despair! Your most unforgettable moments are yet to come.

9 - You're heading into a lucky week that will pleasantly surprise you with quite a few positive events. Expect successes in the professional aspect, as well as on the love front. You're going to communicate with others with ease and achieve your goals without straining yourself excessively.

11 - You're going to have to be a bit more discrete this week. Sharing personal information, as well as information about others, with the wrong people, may drag you into drama and cause you unimaginable problems. To avoid this, simply hold your tongue.

22 - Throughout the week you're going to have to exhibit more persistence, discipline and patience if you wish to realize your plans. Only through adequate perseverance will everything you dream of fall into your hands. But if you lack the will, success may slip through your fingers.

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