Mudras - Gestures with the Power to Change your Life

Eastern teachings tell of gestures that contain great power. They are called "mudras" and are capable of affecting a person's physical and mental state, even though they may seem quite ordinary at first glance. These specific hand gestures can get rid of tension, heal diseases and charge one with energy.

Mudras link the body to the energy of the cosmos and create channels between our inner self and the world. They allow for the boundless energy to be stored in our body and even be directed toward a specific organ or system, thereby healing it.

These energy gestures help against a variety of problems, such as stress, insomnia, depression, they boost concentration, help us get rid of problems. The more complex combinations of gestures, that are part of special rituals, are said to be able to cure of problems related to blood pressure, the heart, metabolism, even autoimmune diseases.

The majority of mudras require a certain position of the hands, head and feet, in relation to the rest of the body. Each mudra opens a universal energy channel that's capable of curing a particular bodily problem. Mudras vary in difficulty and complexity.

The easiest mudras to do are the ones that require use of the hands. These can be done anywhere and at any time. The specific combinations of the fingers and palms can be executed while you're in a bus, office, park etc. But some mudras require preparation and peaceful surroundings.

There are dozens of mudras but some of the most beneficial are exceptionally easy. For example, if you wish to charge yourself with energy or need strength, calm or concentration, touch your thumb with your ring and index fingers, while keeping your other fingers straight. Hold this position anywhere from 5 to 50 min., until you regain your inner balance. This gesture helps against insomnia as well.


To prevent severe stress, suffocation, heart attack, touch your thumb to the tips of your middle and ring fingers, leaving only your pinky pointing straight. Eastern teachers claim that doing this mundra 15 min. a day is the best prophylactic against heart problems.

When you find yourself needing harmony, love, strength, a blessing, the mudra for harmony is touching your palms together as if in prayer. According to Eastern teachers, this mudra has become widespread in numerous religious practices indeed because it is unusually powerful.

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