What the Stars Portend for you Today - July 7

Finish the important things today by noon UTC. After that, the Moon becomes void of course and you will have 0 work ability. The opposition of the Sun with Pluto, in combination with the 2 aspects - Mercury with Pluto and Venus with Uranus - can be very dangerous. You may become judgmental, nervous, authoritative and emotional. Be very careful how you react in each and every situation. Each person will sense for themselves when the best moment is for making decisions. Subjects related to authority, control, money and manipulation will come to the forefront.

Aries - Your vital energy is reaching its peak. You're going to have the desire to participate in everything that you glimpse upon. This will help you resolve a great many of your problems. But others may arise at work that will get tangled up with your daily obligations. You have the opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The moment is favorable for earning greater popularity, praise and support from your coworkers and bosses.

Taurus - Today you're going to make business decisions that will lead to a conflict of opinions and interests. Be careful not to get into a physical confrontation. Your desire for leadership and activity, related to your profession, will grow enormously. But the result of this may be negative. Quarrels with your bosses, coworkers and partners are possible. The stars advise you avoid all meetings, conversations, transactions and big expenses. They would lead to significant moral and financial losses.

Gemini - The day is perfect for earning popularity and for contact with public officials. You're going to win the required popularity to develop a business or media. All financial deals and operations, especially those concerning real estate, are going perfectly. You collaborate best with partners of the opposite sex. Your personal relations are more than harmonious.

Cancer - The day brings an energy that's beneficial for making deals - take advantage of it. The stars watch over you. Coworkers, bosses and partners will fully understand your unique abilities, insight and reliability. Your opinion will be heard and appreciated. But ill wishers will try to get in your way. The time is right for visiting official institutions and for negotiating.

Leo - The stars are picking up their pace today. Be very careful because the feeling of invulnerability may lead to accidents. You can neutralize anger, aggression and stress with physical activities. They will give you the required energy to self improve and do only positive things. Listen to the opinion of others and accept that your views are not always the most fitting. Expect conflicts in personal and family relations.

Virgo - The energy of the stars is granting you the strength to overcome many of the obstacles before you. The period is good for making deals, a new business and professional reorientation. Use the day to the fullest and plan responsible business meetings. But it is possible you'll face opposition and differing viewpoints. Expect success on the love front.

Libra - Devote the day to harmonizing relations at home. The moment is good for finalizing deals and carrying out all kinds of financial operations and transactions. Your psychological state is going to be a little shaky. A decline in physical strength may play a bad joke on you. Despite it all, you're going to turn the favor of influential public figures.

Scorpio - You're going to be confident and active today. Your physical activeness returns. You have a tendency to make impulsive and hasty decisions. You're feeling an influx of uncontrollable financial ambition. You're getting involved in extremely unhealthy competitions with people who are more capable than you. Aim for high ambitions and perfection. You're confident in yourself and able to stand up for your interests with a lot of energy but also with increased powers.

Sagittarius - A negative, pessimistic and emotional energy is going to make you feel lonely. You're losing the sympathies of others around you, along with the ground under your feet. Troubles in your personal life and difficulties with your partner are possible. Financial difficulties are also not excluded. If you allow the negative mood to take over your day, it's possible that it will affect your health. Try to look more optimistically at things. That is the only way to turn the day around to your advantage.

Capricorn - You're being overwhelmed by emotions. Turmoil, tension and insecurity are possible in your love life. You get angry easily. Arguments with your partner, family and coworkers are possible. Watch out for accidents at home, especially with fire. Also be careful what you eat because stomach problems are possible as well.


Aquarius - Today you're attractive, passionate and sexy. Don't be afraid to take all kinds of financial risks, to get involved with something artistic or give in to romance and pleasures. Marriage and talks about having kids are also possible. You possess the unique capability to achieve harmony, take the necessary initiatives, as well as receive the desired sexual satisfaction.

Pisces - Your undertakings will go well if you plan your actions ahead of time. The day isn't suitable for impulsiveness. Your mobility and energy are at their peak. Try to point them in a productive direction. Slow your pace down to avoid accidents. They stalk you both at home and at the workplace. Do everything you can to avoid communicating with aggressive people, be the first to give ground and don't drag yourself into conflicts.

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