What the Stars Portend for you Today - May 26

Venus and the Sun in Gemini form a positive aspect today that will help us discover the good sides to people and the beauty around us throughout the day.

Aries - Watch out for financial losses today and get a rein on your desire for shopping and new possessions at all costs, for there is a danger of you ending up penniless. Determine the important projects in which you need to invest, while you postpone those that are just for fun for better times.

Taurus - Today you're going to have quite a difficult conversation with a loved one and you'll be expected to make an equally difficult decision. Don't hesitate, instead seek advice from a friend. Documents will appear today which you'll have to pay attention to. It's likely they have to do with your finances and you'll have to focus when going over them, to avoid getting scammed.

Gemini - Obligations and arguments will come up today for which you can count on the collaboration of others. Even though you're plenty confident and believe you can handle the challenges by yourself, do not turn down any help offered. It might turn out that others' ideas are better than yours and would bring you more successes.


Cancer - Events today are going to make you think that you're not strong enough to deal with the hurdles. But all you need to do is stick to your principles in life and not let the temporary situation bring you down. Your intuition will help you when you have to make a complex decision, plus you can count on the support of those closest to you.

Leo - You'll be annoyed by people who present themselves as loyal but in reality have done nothing to validate their words. Don't pay them any attention, instead turn to people who have proven their worth. They will help you make one of your projects, which you've worked tirelessly on, a reality.

Virgo - You'll feel torn between your own wishes and those of a loved one today. The stars advise you to forget about your plans today and help them, even if you find it hard to. You too may receive benefits from the favor being asked of you, even if you don't see it at the beginning.

Libra - Today you're going to have to make an important decision, over which you'll have to think carefully. It's likely your answer will affect others as well. So don't be spontaneous but look to your intellect. Your love life will advance in the right direction and today one of your dreams in the romantic aspect will come true.

Scorpio - Your day will be a very busy one and you won't have any free time left, even for those closest to you. You won't be thrilled that you have to work the entire day but you shouldn't overlook your responsibilities because the consequences of non-seriousness will be huge. In the coming days you'll have more free time and can have fun.


Sagittarius - Excellent opportunities for enriching your experience and knowledge will open before you today. But for them you'll have to leave your comfort zone and overcome many of the pitfalls along the way. Rely on the support of others, who will guide you in unfamiliar waters with their advice.

Capricorn - You have a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone close to you. You can improve your knowledge and abilities by using another's experience and strategies. A new path for growth may open before you. Give your best at work today and stay away from arguments.

Aquarius - Today you're going to have to think in a more nonstandard way if you want to successfully handle the difficulties before you. Rival groups may form around you today, whose conflicts you're not advised to get involved in. Relieve stress and tension by taking a walk out in nature.

Pisces - Today you'll be reminded of debts and bills you can no longer postpone paying. Even though you worry about your financial stability, don't ignore or put off payments. Come up with a more practical budget for next month or seek an additional source of income.

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