Zodiacal Horoscope Until May 8

The New Moon for the month of May takes place this Friday, occurring in the sign of Taurus. This week 5 planets will be retrograde, 3 of which will be in the sign of Sagittarius.

Aries - Be careful with documents

You'll solve important problems having to do with money, business and real estate. You may look over issues dealing with inheritance or mortgage. Be careful when signing any documents. Read carefully before you sign and ask for your loved ones' opinion so you don't get duped.


Taurus - Arguments with loved ones to come

Some serious arguments await this week at work because you insist on imposing your opinion at all costs. Discussion is the key to solving the problems but be ready to compromise and forget about each and every one of your wishes coming true. Even though you'll lose some of your comfort, you'll restore the peace in your relations with others.

Gemini - Finish tasks you've already started

The routine this week won't be something you like but you will have to stick to it in order to finish your old projects. What's important is to assure material stability, even if you have to sacrifice a bit of your free time. Any activities dealing with psychology will be beneficial. You can make an appointment or read books on the subject.

Cancer - It's time for reevaluation

This week you'll be dealing with kids and if you have nephews you'll give them a ton of attention. If you need advice, talk to your family so they give you direction regarding your problems. You need to reevaluate everything that's happened so far to avoid past mistakes in the future.

Leo - Focus your attention on the home

This week you'll be busy with your home. Forget briefly about work and refresh the interior setting around you. Be careful when signing any documents and when shopping because even the briefest moment of inattention will cost you greatly. Read things twice before signing and don't be negligent. Things may be slow when it comes to documents so load yourself up with patience.


Virgo - Be cautious at work

Be on your toes this week if you're working online or in the field of publishing. Come up with a Plan B because there's a high probability for your first plans to fall through. Use your ideas but before you apply them, seek the opinion of your coworkers as well. Don't rush, instead analyze whatever comes to mind and be ready in case things don't go according to plan.

Libra - You have a chance to increase your income

This week you'll be dealing with money and if you're creative enough you may even increase your income. But you'll have to take on more responsibilities and if necessary, work on your days off. Afterwards you'll be satisfied because your bank account will be sufficient. Be confident and follow your talent.

Scorpio - You'll fight the competition

This week you'll face an opponent who wants the same thing you do, whether it's on the love front or at work. Be cautious with your words and when facing conflicts, bet on the facts, not on theories. Be wary with the information you receive in the next few days and don't easily believe everything you hear.

Sagittarius - Spend some time cooking

Throughout the week you'll focus on household chores. Even if you're at work, your thoughts will drift toward home. Cooking this week will provide you pleasure and as such you can prepare certain types of dishes you never have before. Even if you haven't really cooked before it's not too late to try.


Capricorn - Seek the advice of others

Think twice about any information this week because even the most credible news may be fraudulent. Discuss your plans with loved ones and don't make decisions on your own. You may be misled by the outer appearance of certain things, while your mistakes will cost you dearly if you don't seek out advice on time.

Aquarius - Don't make promises

Your conversations this week will be beneficial and even if you don't realize it right away, you may draw on useful ideas from your friends and loved ones. Avoid making promises because it will be hard for you to keep them. Be open with others and don't make empty promises.

Pisces - Projects may be delayed

Be mindful of projects having to do with education or travel because there's a possibility of them failing. Don't be surprised if things get delayed and you have to postpone some of your plans you've been working a long time on. But these postponements will be useful because you'll have time to peruse over your ideas one more time.

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