Numerology Prognosis Until December 13

Calculate your personal number to determine what numerology has in store for you this week of December. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Expect some problems in communication, born of the fact that the things you are thinking do not match those you are feeling. It'll be hard for you to speak on certain issues without getting upset or depressed. At the least you'll feel cleft in 2. Try to maintain your composure and be less reprehensible in stressful situations. Share with others what you like in them and do everything you can to take on the challenges with optimism.

2 - If you're feeling isolated, don't be afraid to share an important secret with someone you trust. Honesty and straightforwardness will pave the way to intimacy. This will be a week dedicated to love. But be on the lookout if your new love speaks of shared loans and finances. Sometimes love is blind, so ask for a second opinion from family and friends, who will be much more objective in their judgement. Be ready to hear things you won't like.

3 - For you this week sets off a new cycle. It will give you a new start in business, partnerships and even personal finances. Come up with a strict plan and determine a budget that will help you reach your goals. Don't do everything yourself, especially if you have a lot of tasks. To be maximally effective, you need to work in cooperation with others. The more work you get done at home and in the office, the better you'll feel.

4 - Renewal and cleaning will be at the forefront this week. This may mean that it's time to change over to a healthier of eating. Limit sugar and fats and eat more fruits and vegetables. The period is suitable for spiritual renewal and humbleness. Do only things that make you feel placid and secure. You may face the fear of being alone. The weekend will bring you loads of energy. Use it to have fun, at parties or social events.

5 - The cosmic energy is offering you a new start but only if you're ready to stick to the simple and truly necessary things in life. Set a budget limit - this will be the only way to control yourself. Children and animals around you may require more time and attention. Try to see the world through their eyes. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make others happy.

6 - You'll be thinking of someone who's far away. The stars allow for you plan travels. Go out with friends as much as you can this week. Enjoy the comfort, the sharing of your food with those close to you and pleasant conversation. The troublesome situations will resolve themselves as the week progresses. Don't feel guilty if you can't meet the needs and expectations of everyone.

7 - The gloom around you begins to dissipate. Everything you've begun will slowly start to get realized. The time is appropriate to let out the truth and reveal a secret long hidden. The cosmic energy encourages any new beginning. It's time to make a decision on whether you would like to make your relations with your partner more serious. Try to find out what's on the minds of the children and adults around you.


8 - This week you need to get back down to Earth and determine your boundaries. Hidden problems may come out in the open at work, in your neighborhood or in your relations with your partner. Don't trust those who want you to change their plans to their benefit. The week provides you the opportunity to have an intimate conversation with your partner. Things which seemed uncertain will gradually clear up if both of you are ready to continue the conversation.

9 - The cosmic energy this week allows those who are in a relationship to receive what they deserve. When work and family responsibilities take up the majority of your time, everything else in life seems to become less fun. Strive to make your beloved understand how important they are to you. Set aside time to chill out and relax. For those who are seeing someone, yet feel unsure, it's time to have an honest conversation and admit their true feelings.

11 - A friendly attitude and optimism can open doors. If you use these, people will have more of a tendency to like you and help you. Your most valuable quality this week will be your trust. Take care of your health and allow yourself a few extra hours of sleep. If you don't regularly exercise, it's finally time to start. A walk in the park is a wonderful start.

22 - You always have both feet firmly planted on the ground. As such you can be upset by a person or situation, where romantic fantasies and creative levity reign. Be especially cautious and always question the things which seem too good to be true. Invest your time and energy into escaping your routine. Try to be honest. Don't make promises and don't lie to get what you want.

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